It was on Friday

It was another tough day but it was an important day.  Friday, December 5, 2014 was the memorial service for my mother.  The words, images, friends, flowers, music, church, Mom’s things, family all came together for my mom.


My brother requested that Mom’s wood plaque that is in the shape of a lyre and says “Praise The Lord” be used as the center piece for the flowers he ordered. I love it and think it’s perfect for Mom.


Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 was two days after my Mom died unexpectedly.  The funeral home and church were closed so there was little that could be done to plan the next steps.  We opted to stay true to our family tradition and count our blessings by enjoying one another’s company and Thanksgiving Day food.  My husband posed in the kitchen to attest to the Thanksgiving aftermath.




A prayer my mother taped to her bathroom mirror earlier that I again noticed today as I was packing some of her things for her hospital stay.

A November Weekend

We were in the southeastern portion of Oklahoma near the small town of Bennington with our son, daughter, her boyfriend and his parents and four dogs.  While it was cold outside we felt warmly welcomed and had a great time.


One of many ponds on the property.


Hiking down to the water’s edge.


Picking persimmons.


Kisses for Mazie


Ready to play fetch with a water bottle.

The Garee Present

In my mailbox this week was the November 4, 2014 edition of the The Observer III, which is a local newspaper for the three very small towns of Lexington, Noble, Slaughterville in Cleveland County, Oklahoma.  On pages four and five is a big spread in the Echoes From the Past section that highlights content on my blog about my husband’s Garee family.   The past is a present from C.E. Garee and Elizabeth Bullard nee Garee.

20141108_0004Here’s a link to some of the Garee blog posts on my Relative Storyboards site.

Up in the air

Photography was not much on my mind this week while I was attending a conference in Nashville.   However, I did like the color of the sun reflecting on the airplane so I snapped this photo with my iPhone.


Trick or Treat

2014Oct25_0002aThe delicious cake that Keith made for a Halloween party.  Kinda tough to dish up but those tootsie rolls are pretty good.

An October Weekend

Saturday we attended the second annual Oktoberfest in Muenster, Texas.


Kelsey wearing a chicken hat




Sunday morning stare


Deep Sleep


Our senior Siamese cat tucks his head in and hides much of his face.  Then he sleeps really deeply and sometimes you have to really shake him to get him to wake up.  It’s actually scary.

I’ve taken several pictures to practice what I’ve been learning in the photography class but they are pretty bad so I have limited choices to share this week.  I can share that I think you should be very thankful that I haven’t taken any photos of my mangled big toenail.  My toenail and a piece of furniture collided this weekend and the furniture won which resulted in my toenail being damaged enough that the doctor went ahead and took the nail off.  It will take about a year to grow back.

Principles and Elements

After hearing definitions of the elements of art (space, shape, form, value, line, color) and some principles of  art (movement, unity, harmony, variety, balance, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, proportion, and pattern),  each of us set out walking around the building for a few minutes to find examples and take a photo.  Here are a couple of the ones I took:




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