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Spring is in the air

The wall hanging caught my eye with the stripes in the letters that were the result of the shadows.  I found myself focused on the short phrase “and be” that is a small part of the wall hanging.  Most often I ask myself what to be, when to be, how to be or why to be yet this morning the shadows directed me to the phrase and be.  Never mind the questions of what, when, how or why of being rather focus on adding to being, that is and be.


As Keith was gazing out a window at our lake place he observed an adult male yellow-bellied sapsucker woodpecker in a nearby tree and told me to come watch.  I was able to get a couple of photos of the bird hunting for just the right spots to drill holes in the tree and wait for sap to seep out.


You can see his red head and throat and his chest has a bit of yellow on it.


In the photo below his head is blurry due to his drilling action in making the sapwells.  Can you imagine the knocking sound it makes?


It’s officially spring with beautiful sunshiny days, birds playing and lots of wind.


As I drove home I was intrigued by the 50 or so wind turbines in the Arbuckle Wind Farm that are busy capturing the kinetic energy of wind and converting it to electricity.  This product of electricity then is exported to Nebraska.  It boggles my mind.

A New Path

Perhaps you heard that Lake Texoma got a lot of rain this year.  A couple of weeks ago we drove around to see how the water level was at several of the ramps, marinas and beaches.  You’ll need to make a new path to get to the docks, I’d say.


Notice the light


It’s taken until late July for us to get typical hot summer temperatures.  I’m sure this bunny is enjoying the shade and the cooler dirt in our backyard.  I’ve never seen a bunny that seemed this relaxed.


Ahhhh, R&R

It was a week of R&R.

Remodeling the kitchen.  I have wanted the cabinets over the bar and the big box of lights in the kitchen removed for many years.  This week Keith said he’d begin the project in the fall when it was cool since it required working in the attic.  I was pleasantly surprised when I came home one day and the cabinets were down and then the next day the big box around the fluorescent lights was gone with a handwritten message on the ceiling from my husband.


Reunions are a great opportunity to stay connected with family.  Over the weekend Keith, his cousins and their families came to our lake place.  After a day of play, we all gathered around the TV and watched old family movies that we recently converted from film to a DVD.


The remodel and reunion made for a great week.


Let’s talk.  Are you listening?  I missed you while you were having fun on the lake.


Texas and Kelsey



This is a small portion of one of our flowerbeds at our lake place. The photo exaggerates the weeds but it matches my perception of them.


Keith put the swing up so it’s ready for some play.


A friend’s grandchild is ready to go fishing!


A Hidden Soda Fountain

We drove the 30 miles south from our lake place to Whitesboro, Texas (population 3,783 in 2010 ) yesterday afternoon to get a bite to eat and saunter around some antique stores on their Main Street.  Our first stop was Lovejoy’s on Main, which is a quaint, comfortable place to have good food and great experience.


Fobb Bottom Spots You Make The Rockin’ World Go Round

Sunday we went on an adventure.  Keith played with his Christmas toy, a metal detector, and I played with my camera.

The water level at Lake Texoma is seriously low, which Keith thought would make a good opportunity to comb the now huge beaches.  We went to Fobb Bottom Wildlife Management Area, which is an area where our former lake neighbors Bill & Stiffie Turner camped at for weeks at a time (we now own their lake home).  We have fond memories of a lush area with a good swimming and fishing during the summer.  I’m sure that some Fobb Bottom spots have made someone’s rockin’ world go round but right now winter, drought and fire have limited its appeal.

The water level is way down at Fobb Bottom.

The water level is way down at Fobb Bottom.

Burned Boat

Burned Boat

An old storm shelter by the water and in the middle of an area that burned recently.

An old storm shelter by the water and in the middle of an area that burned recently.

An old bridge where Bill Turner used to fish.

An old bridge where Bill Turner used to fish.

Click on my Fobb Bottom album to see more pictures from our adventure.

You may be interested in seeing exactly where some of these photos were taken so follow the image below to a google map that I’ve labeled those locations and then you can zoom in and move around.


41|2013 A Gift (October 28 – November 3, 2013)

Several months ago as I was listening to my 11 year old nephew while we rode to the lake he told me that he won a piece of art at the Festival of Arts this spring and that he wanted to give it to us for our lake place.  He said it would fit that atmosphere better than in his home.  I didn’t think much more about it until last Friday when I arrived at my lake place and there on the kitchen table was a piece of art.  Instantly, I remembered him telling me he wanted us to have it.  He had been down to our place a couple of weekends ago with Keith and my brother and brought it then.   He also gave us a bottle in the shape of a fish.


I took a brief walk around the yard Saturday afternoon and enjoyed the little, bright red berries on the tree next to the house.  Seems so cheerful to me.


38|2013 All Caught Up (October 7 – 13, 2013)


The taco soup was delicious as was the pumpkin pie dump cake.  I don’t cook very often but I did this past weekend.  My son, daughter and her boyfriend, my dad and me all got together for a bit Saturday and we watched lots of videos from when my kids were babies.  It’s always fun to watch those happy times.

Friday evening Travis was in a wreck and, thankfully, no one was hurt and he was not at fault.  The damage to his car looks like it was pretty significant or will be to repair.  Keith went on a fishing trip this weekend with a bunch of guys that included my brother and nephew.  After their catch they had a big fish fry that I understand was quite good.

36|2013 …And Counting (September 23 – 29, 2013)

Monday Keith and I celebrated 24 years of marriage.


Wednesday, we celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday.  Happy B-Day cookie decoration specially hand-made by my brother-in-law.



Over the weekend a group came down to our lake place and went fishing on Saturday.  Then, on Sunday, we had a fish fry and enjoyed eating and visiting in our  screened in front porch.