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City Farm

A few times a week Keith has been helping a friend by feeding his farm animals while he recuperates.  I accompanied him this weekend and the place is just on the edge of town so you get a feeling of being in the country but your not really.  Since I didn’t grow up with farm animals it was interesting to watch. 2016-04-02-18Standing in the food bowl makes a statement.

2016-04-02-15There are about 14 chickens and each day there are 4-7 eggs.

2016-04-02-23The cows get a little extra for their diet.

2016-04-02-35After dinner the cows watch me and pose for me.

2016-04-02-36The chickens were thirsty after eating so they went to the pond.

2016-04-02-37This one reminds me of a cartoon character.  “I say, I say…son.”


Along the path

As I was getting my personalized tour of the small Oklahoma town where my Dad recently moved, we entered mule country apparently.  Back road travels generally offer sights that city girls don’t see too often. 2016-02-13-Wynnewood-26Notice the dachshund is running to catch up while the horse inside the fence tries to engage the passersby.  As they passed he turned and shook his head seemingly frustrated that he couldn’t go with them. 2016-02-13-Wynnewood-27The dachshund  was not talking much but was sure interested.

2016-02-13-Wynnewood-29This wagon, which is similar to the Sooner Schooner, is frequently in the local parades and, in order to keep the mules in practice plus enjoy gorgeous days, they go out for an afternoon stroll occasionally.


The other end of the wagon has signs that say “mule lovers are stable people” and “caution your entering mule country” while the family dog quietly lays down and peeks out of the doors that are open.

5|2013 An Easy Jump (February 17, 2013)

Until today, I didn’t know we had big horn sheep in Oklahoma. There were 5 of them running playfully in a field near Kenton, Oklahoma in the Black Mesa area. Three of them jumped the fence along one side of the road, stood in the middle of the road until a car slowed down for them to move, then they jumped the fence on the other side of the road. The three stood looking back over the road waiting patiently for the other 2 to come over but they were reluctant because we were watching.



52|52 Week Fifty Two! (Dec 24-31, 2012)

Woo hoo!  With this post I’ve completed a second year of photo journaling.

Christmas Eve was a nice evening with family over.  We had lots of food and exchanged gifts. After the gifts, my brother-in-law surprised his girlfriend with an engagement ring and she accepted his marriage proposal.  Later we enjoyed playing a card game and laughing.


Christmas morning there was no rush to get up and open gifts since we had opened most of them with Kelsey the week before.  We did save a few gifts so we would have some to open.  The best part, for me, was when we did FaceTime on our iPhones with Kelsey.  We each got to see and hear her and she asked Travis to open her remaining gifts while she watched.


There was threatening weather Christmas Day but it didn’t really develop into much at our home.  It was fun to have it actually snowing on Christmas Day.  That doesn’t happen too often here in Oklahoma.  As Keith watched the snow fall in our backyard he alerted me to a wildlife photo opp.  There was a bird on our neighbor’s fence near the house with all the wind and snow whirling around him.


Later that evening when I looked out a window, Purrkins was all curled up on the loveseat with the snow as the backdrop.  Such a peaceful view.


When the weekend arrived we took our Christmas decorations down and put them back in the attic until next year.

As 2012 drew to a close, Keith got us some Martini Asti because I like sweet wine and because sparkling wine is perfect for New Year’s Eve.


Ready. Set. Go 2013!

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19|52 One Saturday (May 6-12, 2012)

This weekend we, of course, went to our lake place but this time our daughter, her boyfriend and his dog joined us.  As Texas, the Great Dane, waited on the porch Purrkins starred at him probably wondering what the heck he was.  He is very sweet and very big.
What a look with his ears and eyes totally focused in the direction of some sound just outside the door.
A special treat in the Texoma area is candied pecans or almonds from the Texoma Peanut Inn. The choices are overwhelming. I think my favorite this time was the toffee crunch almonds or maybe it was the praline pecans or maybe it was the..
What would one of our weekends be if we didn’t have a fire?  This time we burned the brush at night and since it had rained it was especially helpful as we had some old cedar branches that burn rapidly. Sparks were flying!

295|365 Near and Dear (10/26/11)

Certainly, there are more comfy places to lay than nearly on top of a bulky book bag with textbooks in it.  Yet, when I woke up this morning, there was Purrkins snuggled up to his dear Kelsey’s things.  He loves being near our things and these days he doesn’t get to do that very often with the kids.


246|365 Cat Tale (9/7/11)

Choosing just one photo today just doesn’t do this cat tale justice.
The cute boy arrives at our back patio.
They see each other through the patio door with smudge marks from the neighbor’s dogs.
Purrkins scratching at the door.
When will they let me in or come outside?
Patiently waiting.
waiting and watching…
When will you come outside?
I can’t stand it!  Come outside!

244|365 At The Park (9/5/11)


The Thompson/Bauman family reunion has been held on Labor Day at the Shannon Springs Park in Chickasha now since about 2004.  This is a well known park especially during Christmas because of the elaborate Fesitval of Light.

After spending time having lunch and visiting with family members, I took a stroll down to the pond. We’ve had a record number of days over 100 degrees this summer, the water levels are low and the vegetation is mostly brown yet there are still many vibrant colors and fascinating sights.

I had a difficult time choosing only one photo today and you can visit my flickr album for more pictures from today.  I really like the duck with the big, green worm and several others.  I’d love some feedback if there’s a photo that you find more appealing than the one I chose.

201|365 Satisfaction (7/24/11)


My morning began by opening yesterday’s mail, which included the family history from a Keithley cousin I’ve been expecting.  I made a cup of coffee and began reading it.  Soon Keith was awake and we carried the front door to the backyard where the morning shade was strong.

As Keith was preparing for his work, he discovered that we have two toads living in our backyard.  So, he turned the water faucet on to a slow drip and one of the toads loved it.  He got as close as possible and you could hear the water as it hit his body.  He continually moved to get all of his body wet and was mindful that I was watching him, actually take photos of him.

By mid morning the shade was gone in the backyard so Keith put up a canopy tent.  It was ridiculously hot out today, officially 104 but when I drove by a bank the sign said it was 108.  Keith took breaks regularly and had something cool to drink.  By late afternoon he had the door stripped, sanded, stained and hung back up until the next step in a few days.

I used our carpet steamer’s upholstery cleaning attachments to clean the chairs in our garage.  Oh my gosh, it was kind of scary to look at the water when I finished but I guess that means the equipment did a good job.

When I went out to water the flowers this evening I saw a baby toad trying to get into the spray of the water.  Then he saw a spider that was about the size of his head.  He turned his body and watched the spider for a couple of seconds and then super quickly, he lurched and got it!  I had to close my eyes.

I stained Cleopatra, the unknown chair, and decided to paint the inside of the pockets/drawers metallic gold.  It looks pretty cool.  When I started to paint the front inset gold the detail brush I have was shedding and made a mess.  I’ve got to figure out some other way to do that.

Keith and I get a great deal of satisfaction from accomplishing things.  I just couldn’t really decide on one photo today so I’m sharing several.

198|365 Must. Stay. Alert. (7/21/11)

Purrkins will not lay on leather unless he’s touching one of us.  He does love to sit in between Keith’s legs on the leather La-Z-Boy foot rest (notice he’s touching Keith).   However, he must stay alert or when Keith pushes the lever for the foot rest to go down…plop goes Purrkins.