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27|2013 Overnight (July 22 – 28, 2013)

As I walked by my front window I noticed the full, bright moon glowing over the neighborhood so I went outside to get a better view and feel of the evening.  The sky was gorgeous although below is still a mess.  Little did I know that only a few hours later and one of those houses would be fully torn down forever changing the look.


Tuesday evening Keith decided to use our grill now that he knows the damage it sustained was minor.  Inside our fence things are looking much better.  Seeing Keith at the grill in our green, manicured back yard sure looks ‘all american’ to me.


26|2013 The View (July 15-21, 2013)

The weather was surprising for summer in Oklahoma this week.  It rained and was in the 80’s.  Interestingly, during the downpour on Monday one of our neighbors’ houses finally got some attention by having a group of folks pull debris out of the house (wearing masks undoubtedly due to the mold inside) and throwing the debris in to their front yard.  2013Jul15_0033

Finally one of our replacement windows was installed this week so now I can see out of the office window rather than looking at the black tarp.  I only wish the neighbors’ homes were in better shape to enjoy the view more.

With the rain our lawn got much greener this week and the bunnies seemed to love the weather.2013Jul17_0014a

Cellular service at our lake place is minimal and my Dad bought a signal booster to improve our reception so we played with it and had just about decided where to install it when the temporary location of the antenna fell and busted the antenna.  During our tests the signal strength easily doubled so it will be worth the effort and we have ordered a replacement antenna already.

Keith got our boat out of the shop Saturday afternoon and then a couple joined Keith, Dad and I to do some boating, tubing and skiing.  They are from Russia where boating is not a common activity and they clearly enjoyed themselves experiencing many firsts.  As is typical Keith let each of them drive the boat.


Since we got a late start on the lake we were out until dusk and the sunset was beautiful.




25|2013 In My Room (July 8 – 14, 2013)

Our bedroom wall had minor damage as a result of the May 20 tornado.  Now that the walls have been repaired, we selected a paint color (Seaside Sand) and Keith painted our room this weekend. We used the magic furniture sliders to easily move our very heavy furniture out of the way to paint.  You can see that our window is still broken from the tornado.  Thankfully, the glass was double paned and whatever crashed into it only made it completely through one pane.  Soon the windows will be replaced.

2013Jul13_0044aI do love to rearrange furniture but our king size bed has been in the same place in our room since we moved into this house in 1992 and I never really liked it but Keith wasn’t willing to help me try out various arrangements.  Once I realized how easily our furniture moved, I got graph paper and a tape measure out and began to figure out if we could arrange the room differently and still have adequate space to move around.   After a few minutes, I was pretty sure I figured out a better arrangement and was glad the furniture sliders would help us just in case the paper version of the arrangement looked better than in reality.

2013Jul15_0040Thankfully, I love it!  Now, I need to get some artwork for the wall and maybe a chair so I can watch TV more comfortably in the room.  Oh, and the curtains help hide the broken window for another week or so.

24|2013 Over the 4th (July 1 – 7, 2013)

We added a couple of days to our holiday to get 5 days off and my Dad joined us at our lake place.  Keith and some of his friends spent July 4th on the lake while my Dad and I stayed indoors and visited.  Over the remaining days we painted our front porch and replaced a few windows to help increase our energy efficiency.

Keith's pic

Keith’s pic

Last year, while touring Charleston, South Carolina, a tour guide said that it was common practice to paint the porch ceilings a sky blue because it helps keep the wasps away since they think it’s part of the sky and won’t build a nest there.  That is a southern tradition and while I find it hard to fully believe, we like blue and it’s worth a try.  (Interestingly, on the Sherwin-Williams site is a post on “The Whys Behind the Blue Porch Ceiling“)


Now that it’s all painted we love how the colors give a ‘tropical’ feel.  The sky blue color of the ceiling makes it feel so much cooler, cleaner and more open.  It always amazes how much impact fresh paint makes.