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44|2013 Gearing Up (November 18 – 24, 2013)


We are going to borrow my father-in-law’s motor coach for a little trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma.  To gear up for it we (mostly Keith) cleaned it this weekend.  Then Keith drove it around the block while I enjoyed the ride.  It must be like driving a city bus because it is huge but Keith seems to feel comfortable driving it.

We’re looking forward to our little getaway starting the day after Thanksgiving.


43|2013 Remember the Tape (November 11-17, 2013)

This was another week of taking very few photos.  I’ve just had my attention on other things like converting some newly rediscovered family VHS tapes.

Several years ago we bought some equipment to convert VHS tapes so I pulled it out again this weekend.  Only trouble was that I forgot how to use the equipment and didn’t have a VHS recorder with outputs.  So, my husband sent a plea to several folks and my mother responded saying that she had three recorders.  We borrowed two of them in case one didn’t work.   Thankfully, Keith instantly knew how to hook up all those cords and we used one VHS as the player, the TV/VHS combo as the monitor and the 10 year old Sony video recordable DVD drive VRD-VC20 and began the process.


The setup as the tapes are being converted. In the frame on the TV is my grandma on her 80th birthday with my brother.

Like magic we now can watch these movies on a computer! I love watching old family movies and it was so wonderful to see and hear my grandma again.

Ottie & Jimmy celebrating their recent marriage.

42|2013 Number 9 (November 4 – 10, 2013)

How did a week pass I didn’t take a single picture?  I took some screen shots of my computer screen and a 16-second video of our cat that I texted to my daughter to let her see Purrkins is doing okay.

The bulk of my weekend I spent trying to understand the Family Tree DNA results.  A person contacted me and it seems that she has a pretty strong match with my son on chromosome number 9 and we are trying to figure out who their common ancestor is.  Here’s a screen shot I captured this weekend of 3 people who overlap on that chromosome, the blue is represents the person who contacted me.


41|2013 A Gift (October 28 – November 3, 2013)

Several months ago as I was listening to my 11 year old nephew while we rode to the lake he told me that he won a piece of art at the Festival of Arts this spring and that he wanted to give it to us for our lake place.  He said it would fit that atmosphere better than in his home.  I didn’t think much more about it until last Friday when I arrived at my lake place and there on the kitchen table was a piece of art.  Instantly, I remembered him telling me he wanted us to have it.  He had been down to our place a couple of weekends ago with Keith and my brother and brought it then.   He also gave us a bottle in the shape of a fish.


I took a brief walk around the yard Saturday afternoon and enjoyed the little, bright red berries on the tree next to the house.  Seems so cheerful to me.