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36|365 The Shadow (2/9/11)

We got about 6 inches of snow today in OKC.  Since snow is unusual for us, I feel the need to get photos of these days.


In our backyard.  A grassy plant with the hammock’s swinging shadow behind it.


29|365 That’s the Point (2/2/11)

I’m not fond of freezing cold weather, it’s painful no matter how bundled I get.  Protective footwear was required for me to move the snow and make a pathway from the front door to my car.  My husband’s huge boots seemed the perfect choice.  With my pant legs tucked into the boots, I traipsed outside following in the footsteps he made earlier today.  The oversized boots made the job quicker.  Part of my mission was accomplished but I still needed to get my daily photo, which I was determined to do no matter how frozen stiff my fingers were.
That cold northly wind created fascinating angles with the snow.  The shadows and extreme contrasts lead our eyes where to look.  That’s the point.

Of note today:  Keith made irresistable oatmeal cookies!  I spent time researching, again, my brickwall: Adam Bauman born 1795 somewhere in Pennsylvania and married Elizabeth Nigh about 1820.
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