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31|2013 Sliding Into Another Year (August 19 – 25, 2013)

Earlier this month my Dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday, which is on the 31st.  I told him a fabulous gift would be for him to get with his sister and arrange for me to borrow the old family photos that are on slides so that I can digitize them.   Within a few hours Dad had made arrangements with my aunt to get together on the 24th.  They worked together and gathered the slides then made sure the slide projector worked.  My plan was to make a video recording as we watched all the photos.


Some of the food included: Ice Box cookies and a cheese ball. Notice the projector, projector screen, films, and slides.

When I arrived at my aunt’s house, I was surprised by a few more guests, dinner and dessert.  The dinner was a lovely meal that my husband and Dad bought and my aunt made the desserts, which are family heirloom recipes.  We had cookies that included Ice Box cookies, a cheese ball and a Chocolate Upside Down cake.  Those desserts are especially significant since I am creating an heirloom cookbook.

It was a priceless gift to share the evening with my aunt, uncle, cousin, Dad, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, husband and son.  Since my nephew’s birthday is  just a few days before mine, we blew the birthday candle out together!


Blowing the birthday candle  out that’s in the middle of the Chocolate Upside Down Cake.

Now, I have about 720 slides to scan, so I’ll be busy on that for a while.


30|2013 The Dish (August 12-18, 2013)

Behind our house at the lake is a newly installed Internet satellite dish.  Standing firm in a concrete slab, it ought to be there for a while.  There’s no doubt that having the Internet available impacts my options tremendously.


Earlier in the week I found in a box in our garage with Kelsey’s red, fluffy rug and from the moment I set it down Purrkins was on it.  He hardly moved from it over the next few days.


29|2013 A to Z Weekend (August 5-11, 2013)

Aaron had us begin our August weekend by playing the alphabet car game as we drove to the lake.   Continuing that game here’s the rundown of our a to z weekend sprinkled with a few photos:

Aaron, watched as the new windows were installed

2013 Aug11_0003a

Bill payment avoided by my time at the lake

Cookies devoured when they were fresh out of the oven

Dan and his young son, Sam, visited

Endless ideas of projects

Fished at the pond across the street

Grandpa (aka my Dad)

Holes in our window screen from an unknown bug


Internet satellite became an option for us

Jet ski time

Keith & Kay


Miter saw used to cut the angles for the window trim

New handmade frame for the canvas artwork (courtesy of Dad)

Oven replaced in the south 40 (salvaged from a neighbor whose home was destroyed in the May 20 tornado)

Phone service better now with the new booster antenna

Quality time together



Scorpion in the bathroom sink (yuk!)

TV reception at the south 40 now that the digital converter is hooked up

Upset Purrkins constantly hissed and growled at the kids

Vacuumed lots of dust

Windows installed in the north 40


Xylophone sound from a cell phone’s ring tone

Yellow jackets (at the south 40)

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay my oh my what a wonderful day!

28|2013 All The Excitement (July 29 – August 4, 2013)

Thursday Keith cooked chicken fried steak and we had a nice dinner with our both of our kids.  Travis started the question at the table “what was your rose and thorn today?”  That was a routine Keith started years ago when we would sit at the table and note what good thing and not so good thing happened during our day.  Of course most of us agreed that the rose was being together.

After dinner Kelsey and I visited and she snuggled with Purrkins.


Travis and Keith shopped for a car this week since Travis’ car has  a number of problems that have become too great to deal with any more, such as no a/c and the electric windows don’t work.   By Saturday afternoon, Travis was the new owner of a Mazda3, manual transmission like he wanted.   Today Travis pretty much finished moving in to his new home with some buddies.


Our kids, I love them so!