Monthly Archives: April 2015

It’s set

My Mom’s headstone was set earlier this week and I finally had the opportunity to visit the cemetery April 11.

In one of her speeches and in a letter for her grandchildren (my kids) on their 18th birthday she said “In this river of life, your mission is to uncover your song (not just discover it, because it’s been there all along) and once you uncover it, sing it for all you’re worth. When the river of life joins with the sea of eternity – the sea will not be complete without my melody and yours.” She hunted, collected, assimilated and wrote words to uncover and share her melody and it remains alive.


Saturday, April 11, 2015


My brother bought some chickens and now he and our Dad are building them a chicken coop. The fun part of my day was watching my brother and our Dad work together while I played with my Dad’s new full frame camera.



Saturday, April 18, 2015