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147|365 The Big Chill (5/31/11)

Okay so maybe you’re tired of me mentioning that we’re getting a new fridge.  Well never fear, it arrived today so this may be the last you hear about it.  But before I stop talking about it, what’s really cool about this fridge is the amount of space we have to walk into our kitchen now.  Someone can have the door open and another person can walk into the kitchen!  I’m pretty excited about that. I think it’s also pretty fabulous that all our appliances are now the same color, black, so it creates a much more cohesive feel to the rooms.  I’ve never owned a black refrigerator before, I have had white, yellow and green before and I don’t want a green one ever again.
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146|365 There It Sits (5/30/11)

I like to rearrange the furniture several times a year and today was the day I decided to rearrange the living room.  When I told Keith my plan, he offered to steam clean the carpet since all the furniture had to be moved anyway.  There was no way I was going to pass up that offer.  So, while Keith steam cleaned the living room carpet, I emptied and cleaned the refrigerator to make room for the new one.

Our refrigerator is too large to go through the doors without taking them off so the old refrigerator will sit in our newly painted dining room until the new fridge arrives tomorrow.  It does have a new home.


My photos this week haven’t been the most creative mostly just about the activities going on.  However, I have employed the things I’ve learned in using cameras, even when I used my iPhone.

145|365 Try & Try Again (5/29/11)


To get the soft leather faux finish we had to paint a darker shade on top of the lighter shade then put plastic on the wall and wait a while before pulling the plastic off. After doing all that we didn’t like the results so we washed the walls and tried using other techniques such as a broom, plastic bags, sponge and several other odd ideas.  None of the techniques yielded results that we liked so we washed the walls yet again & painted the second coat of the lighter green and called it good.

Most everything is back in place now and we like the look of the room.  Once our new black refrigerator with french doors arrives on Tuesday we’ll see if it looks all perfect or if some other tweaking is needed.

144|365 Always Right There (5/28/11)

Once we had all the furniture & other accessories out of the way with the drop cloth spread out on the carpet, Purrkins found his spot to supervise our painting…on the drop cloth!  Why is it that he chooses to always be right in the middle of where we need to be?  He looks so relaxed and is really enjoying the sun shining on his face.  Keith suggested using Purrkins as the roller sleeve.  Afterall, he is self-cleaning.  Ha!


By the time we actually started painting Travis joined in on the fun for a few hours.  Keith and I stopped for the day around 8:00 pm.  We completely finished the kitchen and got it all put back together as well as completed all the coats in the dining room.  Tomorrow we do the faux finish in the dining room.  For at least another day we have an empty dining room and get to walk around the dining room furniture that is now throughout the living room.

It was a good day’s work and I’m looking forward to seeing how this faux finish turns out.  I’m sure Purrkins will be right at our feet ‘helping’ us.

143|365 DeFENCEless (5/27/11)

The 18 year old side fence has been wobbling for the past few days and finally fell down today.  It fell on top of our plants but I’m sure they’ll be okay in a few days.  With all the damage from the tornados, we feel pretty fortunate to have the same company put up a new fence in about 2 weeks.  Until then the yard is wide open and to discourage people coming into our back yard Keith put up bright orange safety fence.  It certainly gets your attention.


142|365 Hair! (5/26/11)

I’m so glad I didn’t live a long time ago because amazing hair treatments for frizzy, ridiculous hair wasn’t possible then.  Yep, I love what this treatment does to my hair.  Well, I will after I get to wash my hair again in a few days.  Meanwhile even the cat makes his ‘that smells odd’ look when he sniffs my hair.


141|365 Special Treat (5/25/11)


I’m exhausted and have been all day.  I got myself a special treat this morning during one of my breaks, a cafe latte.  Mmmm.

140|365 Sirens, Shelter & Safety (5/24/11)

Many places closed their businesses early due to the warning of severe weather so the traffic at 4:00 was ridiculous, worse than 5:00 traffic.  After spending well over an hour on the road getting home, the tornado sirens began going off soon after I arrived.  My daughter had taken cover in Edmond so I felt as at ease as was possible.  At home my husband, son, mother-in-law, her friend Pete, the cat and I were together and we spent about 45 minutes in our storm shelter.  It’s dark down there and initially we had only a tiny amount of light.  The weather stations warnings certainly gave great cause for concern and sitting in a dark hole in the ground can be daunting.


Travis found a box flashlights so we eventually had more light.  As we visited Pete, who is from Scotland, told us that it was his first time to be in a storm shelter.  While it’s not an experience that is on anyone’s ‘bucket list’ I am glad we had one to use and remain safe.


Our cat decided the little shelf in the shelter was the perfect spot for him to wait out the storm.  His eyes tell a lot, don’t you think?

Once we got out of the shelter I began contacting other family and learned everyone is fine.  My Mom’s power is out at her house so she’s staying at my place.

139|365 Sidewall Blowout (5/23/11)

As I walked back into my office, I learned that I had a flat tire!  A coworker observed that my car had a flat tire and left the message for me.  Great!

Instantly I remembered that about a block before getting to my parking garage this morning, I heard a sound of air rapidly being released immediately after I ran over what appeared to be a magazine or small pillow.  Since the handling felt the same I forgot about it…until I heard the message and knew which tire had to be flat.

Since my father insisted that I learn how to change a tire before I could get my driver’s license and since I’ve changed several, I thought I’d be okay as long as I could get the lug nuts off.  Lucky for me Stuart, another coworker, went with me and changed my tire.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Once the spare was on, I drove straight to the tire store where my tires are still under warranty.  Of course, the tire couldn’t be repaired since it was a sidewall blowout and they had to order the replacement.  I have no idea what exactly happened to cause this but I know that I did not hit a curb so this was from something else.

138|365 Faux Sure (5/22/11)

Over a year ago Keith painted our dining room, partially.  It looked finished to people but it wasn’t because we wanted something on the lower half the wall other than a contrasting color but just couldn’t decide.  Today we decided to do a faux leather.  Keith likes to paint and he does a great job so this ought to turn out nice.


We’ve also ordered a replacement refrigerator that is several inches thinner than our current one so it will open up the path from the dining room to the kitchen.