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330|365 Choosing (11/30/11)

Choosing 12-18 photos to include in our calendar and then uploading them is an arduous yet rewarding task that I’ve been doing for several years now.

I heard a quote today that I wanted to remember and when I looked it up, I found another quote that really touched me.

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” — Joseph Campbell
“When you are sorrowful, look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.
” — Khalil Gibran


329|365 Etched (11/29/11)

He is forever etched into our souls.

During the memorial service we listened to Jesus Loves Me and Brahms’ Lullaby then we drove to the cemetery where we interred precious baby Zane in a peaceful, rural setting.

Later when we gathered for a meal, I looked around the room and noticed a word etched into the mirror that hung in the living room.  When I looked into the mirror I could see my family sitting at the table behind me and above them, etched into the mirror, was the word “Breathe”.

Breathing, that is slowing down, requires resolve and intention.  In these tough times, sometimes I just want the pain to go away quickly.  I must remember to slow down, give it time, persevere.


328|365 He Loves Me (11/28/11)

Purrkins knows that I’m needing to be comforted so he’s staying with me. Hearing his purring, feeling his soft furr and his warmth is pleasing to me.


327|365 And The Results Are In (11/27/11)

You may be curious to see the work Keith and I have been doing at our lake place.  So, I thought I’d share some of what we accomplished this week.


Keith got the framework installed all around the front porch so he can screen it in, add the door and finish the steps. His saw gave out last night so he didn’t get any more work done on it today.  We’ll have to paint the skirting but we haven’t decided on the color.


I really appreciate the new sink, faucet and sprayer.  When you have to wash the dishes by hand it really helps to have a nice sink.  The stove was in our home but we took it to the lake when we bought a new one. It works and we aren’t frightened that it will catch on fire like we were the other one. The kitchen looks pretty sparse right now because the countertop has to dry more since Keith applied another coat of the special countertop paint.


The dark paneling has been painted and the curtains have been made. Our furniture is mostly hand-me-downs but they are comfy and I still have to decorate.

Also, this week we had a huge root ball cut out of the sewer line and we had several leaks in our roof and have made arrangements to have a new roof installed soon.  All in all we feel good about the progress we made on the place this week.  We’re sore and exhausted.  It’s good to be home.

326|365 Leaves Surround Us (11/26/11)


This morning before getting started I enjoyed watching the leaves fall like snow. I wasn’t able to capture it well and since I didn’t take any other photos it will have to do.

Soon our extended time to work on the lake place will end. Today I sewed the curtains for the living room, Keith finished putting the skirting up around the porch. We moved the heirloom swing to the new porch and we finished repainting the rusty drawer on the stove.

There’s still quit a bit we want to do but this week has given us a great deal of dedicated time on it.

325|365 The Porch Light (11/25/11)


The front porch lights are on so you’re welcome to come and visit. Well, when Keith gets the porch all finished we hope that’s the message it sends.

Keith’s making great progress on screening in the front porch in between all the roof leaks and plumbing problems we keep having this week.

I got the kitchen cupboards all put back in order and painted primer on our new screen door. I had hoped to sew some curtains but I ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow.

324|365 Dessert Anyone? (11/24/11)


This Thanksgiving day I’m with my wonderful husband and though our kids aren’t with us they are together.

Our neighbors here at the lake invited us over along with about 15 others. There was lots of food to choose from, lots of desserts.

323|365 Bear In Mind (11/23/11)


What to say? Another tough day.

Even in the midst of the misery in my family right now, one positive thing is obvious and that is that I am blessed to be part of a wonderful, beautiful and supportive family.

The photo is of the bear the hospital gave my brother and his family. It is cute, soft, cuddly and feels good to touch and hold. If only…

322|365 Our Zane (11/22/11)

The past day has been hand wrenching. Visible all around was how we were grasping at anything, squeezing our hands, holding on, hugging ourselves and one another. The photo today is of my brother’s hands when he leaned back to momentarily rest his eyes.


A rest he desperately needed.  The events over the past 24 hours have been a nightmare for my brother and his wife. Their second child, Zane, was stillborn this afternoon.  It’s been a rough, rough day for all of us.

The past several months baby Zane’s activity filled his parents, sibling, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins with tremendous joy and far-reaching dreams.

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321|365 Rain (11/21/11)


It was only 3:30 in the afternoon and it was gloomy.