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173|365 Looking Up (6/26/11)


Walking into the hotel where the John Cotton Dana reception was being held, I looked up and admired the architecture. It’s very grand and, to me, impressive. The food at the reception was artfully presented with selections on little, doll-sized, square plates. One of them had a little plastic test tube like container with basalmic vinegar in it. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I didn’t eat much because I wanted to save room for a meal at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. A group of us always go there during a convention trip for the delicious food. I especially love the petite filet with crusted blue cheese on top.

It’s been a productive day and I had a fabulous meal with a great group from work.


114|365 Construction Calisthenics (4/28/11)

From the second floor and higher in my parking garage, I get to see a small glimpse into the Devon construction zone. The construction workers gather each morning about 7:00 am, have a discussion and do some warm up exercises & stretching with their vests and helmets on.  Yesterday, their arms were moving above their heads in sync as they were doing an exercise.  I never really thought about them warming up but it makes sense.
The photo isn’t very great since it’s through a dirty window and the zoom on the iPhone doesn’t capture what my eyes see very easily.

The building has certainly ‘grown’ since my January photo — Sooner Tall

8|365 Sooner Tall (1/12/11)

Each way as I walk from my parking garage in downtown Oklahoma City to work I see the progress on the Devon Tower.  Here was the view this morning and you can see it’s all lit up for the workers and the tower, set against the blue morning sky, is quite an attention getter.


Ultimately it is going to be 908 ft tall and will be the tallest building in the state.  It’s scheduled completion is December 2012 and here’s a link to a rendering of the OKC skyline once the tower is complete.