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On Stage

One flower standing taller than the rest in this pot on our back porch reminds me of a ballerina gracefully posed on stage.



Firmly Planted

When we moved in to our house years ago there were 4 trees in the front yard.  We cut one down because it was in an awkward spot; we lost one to an ice storm; one got diseased and was dying so we cut it down; and the May 20 tornado took our last one.

Today, we had a Chinese Pistachio tree planted in our front yard!  It looks like they did a nice job firmly planting it.  Of course, it’s dormant now but we look forward to seeing it mature.


Note the port-a-potty in our neighbor’s front yard.  These were placed throughout our neighborhood after the May 20 tornado due to workers’ needs and continues to be a need.


You can see in the background that the houses are getting repaired and rebuilt. What few trees remain in the neighborhood are very broken from the winds.


Again you can see our in the background the new construction and notice our new street light.  Our street lights were just recently installed in our neighborhood.  I had forgotten how bright they are at night!

I’m pretty excited about seeing the beauty this tree brings to our yard.

41|2013 A Gift (October 28 – November 3, 2013)

Several months ago as I was listening to my 11 year old nephew while we rode to the lake he told me that he won a piece of art at the Festival of Arts this spring and that he wanted to give it to us for our lake place.  He said it would fit that atmosphere better than in his home.  I didn’t think much more about it until last Friday when I arrived at my lake place and there on the kitchen table was a piece of art.  Instantly, I remembered him telling me he wanted us to have it.  He had been down to our place a couple of weekends ago with Keith and my brother and brought it then.   He also gave us a bottle in the shape of a fish.


I took a brief walk around the yard Saturday afternoon and enjoyed the little, bright red berries on the tree next to the house.  Seems so cheerful to me.


12|2013 Piles (April 14, 2013)

Keith and I got up Saturday morning and worked all day plus a good bit of Sunday picking up tree limbs.  Thankfully, we were able to borrow a neighbor’s small flatbed trailer so that we could load more without having to lift the branches up and into the truck bed.  Saturday the burn pile slowly burned down as we continually added to it but Sunday the branches never did really burn so we left a huge pile for later along with about 18 stacks of firewood.  It was exhausting, physical labor and I’m sore.

Early Saturday evening with my camera in hand I walked around our yard and noticed a butterfly on some lavender colored blooms. The butterfly was about the size of the palm of my hand and stayed busy with the blooms allowing me to photograph it.   Below are some views I saw this weekend.

8|2013 Spring is in the air (March 16, 2013)

Saturday was a gorgeous day with record breaking temperatures around the nation and in Shay, Oklahoma (near Lake Texoma) it was 79 degrees.

Everything is coming to life!  The bees, wasps, gophers, etc were eager to move about.

40|52 A Formal Occasion (October 1-7, 2012)

Thursday evening was a great opportunity to get all dressed up and attend a formal event, the Journal Record’s Woman of the Year.  There are several pictures on their website of the evening but since I didn’t take any of those, I’m sharing with you a picture of the flower arrangement at my table.  It was quite tall and pretty and I got to take some of the flowers home.


24|52 Many Miles (June 11-17, 2012)

This week I was on vacation with my Mom and we saw lots of gorgeous scenery. There is so much beauty in the mountains and the ocean in South Carolina.  We spent time in the Spartanburg area, then a lovely drive along SH 11, ventured briefly into North Carolina, then to Columbia, Charleston, Folly Beach and back to Spartanburg. We flew into and out of Spartanburg, rented a car and drove over 1200 miles and I took over 1000 photos.  The map below shows tiny pictures that note each place I took photos so you can clearly see how much of the state we traveled. (Note: This map is not interactive but there is one on flickr, see link below.)


Below are four photos from our trip.  Also, visit my flickr site, 2012 South Carolina Trip, to see a broader sampling of photos from the trip.  Thanks to my wonderful husband who bought me a Canon EOS Rebel T2i with the 18mm-250mm lens, I’m really lovin’ taking photos.


A row of cannons at Fort Sumpter, SC.


A projectile embedded in the wall at Fort Sumpter, SC.


There were tons of butterflies at the Butterfly House at Cypress Gardens.


This is the swamp area at Cypress Gardens, which includes areas where the movies The Patriot and The Notebook were filmed.

On a totally different topic, today is Father’s Day and Keith went to visit his Dad but before he left he did a little prep work for dinner tonight.  This chick is sporting an interesting suit.


20|52 Workin’ for the Weekend? (May 13-20, 2012)

Sunday was Mother’s Day. I called my Mom and we visited about our upcoming genealogy trip.  Since Kelsey and her boyfriend were at our lake place, I got to spend time with my daughter on Mother’s day and she cooked breakfast.  The next day after work my son surprised me by visiting and took me out for dinner at Cafe Bella where we had a nice meal and visit.

After work on Friday Keith and I headed back down to the lake. I started my morning by walking the yard and noticed that our plum tree was loaded with plums!


Then the work began, first more yard work that included laying sod, cleaning our porches, painting, preparing the boat for the season and burning more of the wood piles  We got up about 6 am and finally went to bed around 2:30 or 3:00 am because the burn pile was very slow to burn down to a safe level for us to go on inside for the evening.  What a long, though productive, day!


Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast with fresh eggs & homemade plum jelly both from just down the street from us.  It was all delicious!


Finally by mid-morning Sunday we had the first splash of the season when we put Moby Deck, our deck boat, in the lake.  We enjoyed some time just touring the lake.  We decided to get our name on the list for a slip at Buncombe Creek and they say it’s about a 4 year wait so maybe by the time we retire it will be our turn.


14|52 Pics of Week 14 (April 1-7, 2012)

A view of the front yard and the complete though not yet painted screened in porch at our lake place.


Purrkins doesn’t like going through the carwash even when he’s inside the vehicle (iPhone pic)
Spring is definitely arriving and our rose bush is full of wonderful smelling roses (iPhone pic).
Waiting for the train to pass…patience is not really one of my virtues (iPhone pic).
A nice view at the Pelican Landing restaurant overlooking Lake Texoma (iPhone pic).
To prepare to paint the concrete floor inside the front porch was quite laborious.  We had to scrape the glue and remaining indoor/outdoor carpeting, then sweep, clean, sweep, and clean.  We so hope this paint holds up well like Sherwin Williams promised.
There you have it!  A few pics from our week.

7|52 A Little Snow, Week 7 (Feb 12-18, 2012)


It snowed a little through the night and these are a few views just outside my patio door today. I see 2 eyes, nose and hair in the bottom right photo, do you see it?

All taken with my iPhone.