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23|2013 It was a trip (June 24 – 30, 2013)

I’ve been taking a video of my drive from the entry of my neighborhood to my house each week so that I can see the progress being made in our tornado devastated area.  Eventually, I’ll put them together into a time lapsed video.  Sometimes I also take a photo, which was the case this week.  Five weeks after the May 20 tornado here’s a view of my neighborhood.


Friday I flew to Chicago for the American Library Association’s annual convention.  While waiting for the shuttle to take me from the convention center to my hotel I found a llama hand puppet and enjoyed bringing him along to the various functions.  One evening a group of us were invited to a private event at the House of Blues and Mr. Llama posed next to someone’s ‘goose’.2013-06-29-llama

That same evening there was a photographer snapping pictures of all the guests enjoying the performers.  Diane and I had our picture taken with the Blues Brothers imitators and I thought it was ‘a trip’ that we were selected as the facebook profile picture for the company.


22|2013 Advancing (June 17 – 23, 2013)

Finally we made significant advances on our yard cleanup.  Large debris removal was completed to the north of us on our street this week, which resulted in the humongous pile in our neighbor’s yard being hauled off.

Keith and I took a day of vacation on Friday and worked in our yard cleaning up and a nice group from the Ohio area visited Moore to volunteer and we reaped the benefits of their help.  So, now our yard has finally been mowed for the first time since the tornado.  Keith cut it really low so we can see even more debris that needs to be picked up.  It is amazing how much glass, nails and other metal objects were in our yard.


Saturday was my husband’s and my mother’s birthday!  Sometime after age 21 birthdays take on a different level of excitement and by the time you advance past 50 they take on yet another level of excitement.

Sunday we attended my brother-in-law’s wedding and while I was visiting with my mother and daughter I remembered a generational photo I saw a few months ago that I thought was interesting so we replicated it.

2013-06-23 hands

21|2013 Memorable Moments (June 10 – 16, 2013)

Most weeks have events that are memorable and this week had several.

Tuesday, June 11, we got a new truck tonight that replaces the one the tornado ruined.

Wednesday, June 12, our next door neighbor’s tornado damaged house that was razed today.

2011-06-11 truck

Our new truck (parked in our neighbor’s driveway) and in the background is our neighbor’s razed house.

Thursday, June 13, The repair to our roof was complete, the brick was cleaned and the soffits and other wood areas were painted.

Saturday, June 15, Keith and I had a nice weekend at the lake, got the boat out for the first time this season and enjoyed the company.  My nephew got to drive a boat for the first time.


Sunday, June 16, I spent father’s day with my Dad, husband, brother and nephew was a wonderful and memorable time.

20|2013 Tasks Before Us (June 3-9, 2013)

In some ways this week was more calm than the past several yet it was equally as hectic, which doesn’t make much sense yet that’s the way it seemed.

Debris pickup began on Monday and if you pay close attention each day you might have seen a difference.  There is just so much that has to be done it takes huge amounts to be noticed at all.

We have all our utilities working, which is fabulous.  Unfortunately, our water heater isn’t working properly and that means we don’t always have truly hot water so we’re going to need to replace it soon.  Keith’s been working on all the details of what to purchase so the general contractor can start repairing our tornado damaged home.  By Friday the GC began repairing the roof joists and will be finished with the repairing and re-roofing next week.

We debated on whether to stay home to work in the yard picking up more debris so we can mow and do some flower garden repair or go to the lake to finish painting the outside of our home at the lake.  We settled on going to the lake because we thought the scenery would be much more peaceful than here at home.

As I walked around the area of our lake place I saw a red topped mushroom that reminded me of fairy tales where personified toads, I think, used them as houses.  The white spot on the mushroom, in a cartoon drawing, would likely be a window.


My Dad went with us to the lake and was a tremendous help in completing the painting job.  The place looks years younger now.


One of the other activities that Dad and I did was go through some of the old coins that he and my Grandmother collected.  The oldest one we found that evening was a ‘half dime’ dated 1853, which I think is fascinating but it isn’t very valuable.  We also found a really cool token from the Lame Coyote Saloon in Bliss, Oklahoma.  The town of Bliss is where my Grandmother was born and the town no longer exists. I wish she was still here for many reasons, one of which is so I could ask her the history of these things.


We still have many tasks before us but it helps to see the progress of what we have accomplished to date.

19|2013 Excitement Continues… (May 27 – June 2, 2014)

Our time in Las Vegas continued this week.  It was odd timing for a vacation with us having to deal with all the damage from the tornado but the trip was already paid for and we didn’t really have much we could do at our home during those days.

2013-05-24 16.50.00

The red, convertible Mustang added to the fun for the trip and I think Keith really enjoyed it!  In a few days I’ll put some photos on flikr to share.


When we got back we visited with our neighbors about all the damage from the tornado.  As we were walking around one neighbor’s house I felt eyes watching me and looked up to see their cat ,Lucky, who had found a place to survey all of his damaged domain.  He seemed at ease and making the best of an unfortunate situation.

2013-05-28 17.05.29

On Friday, May 31, there was another tornado, high winds, hail and flooding.  The tornado sirens went off in Moore at least 4 times in that time period so we spent 2 1/2 hours in our storm shelter!  It was pretty frightening especially on the heels of such a devastating tornado only 11 days earlier.  Keith played silly games and made videos on his iPhone to pass the time, which was also entertaining to me.  Thankfully, we didn’t have any significant additional damage and everyone in my family was unharmed.

Truly, the varied excitement we’ve had has been exhausting and I’m ready for less excitement.