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43|52 Only One (October 22-28, 2012)


Only one pic taken with my iPhone all week. Saturday my Mom, son and I went to Genghis Grill for lunch where I snapped this pic. After lunch we went to Best Buy and Mom bought me an Apple TV, which we used that afternoon when I showed her all 900+ photos from our vacation. I’ve got to edit them some and put them up for others to see.


41|52 Panorama (October 8-14, 2012)

Several months ago Keith and I decided to go take our vacation to the New England area this fall to see the foliage. Our first stop was Boston where we spent a day and half looking around.  We enjoyed the visit to Faneuil Hall and I used the 360 Panorama app on my iPhone.


The photo is the flat version so be sure to click on the link to view it interactively:

40|52 A Formal Occasion (October 1-7, 2012)

Thursday evening was a great opportunity to get all dressed up and attend a formal event, the Journal Record’s Woman of the Year.  There are several pictures on their website of the evening but since I didn’t take any of those, I’m sharing with you a picture of the flower arrangement at my table.  It was quite tall and pretty and I got to take some of the flowers home.


14|52 Pics of Week 14 (April 1-7, 2012)

A view of the front yard and the complete though not yet painted screened in porch at our lake place.


Purrkins doesn’t like going through the carwash even when he’s inside the vehicle (iPhone pic)
Spring is definitely arriving and our rose bush is full of wonderful smelling roses (iPhone pic).
Waiting for the train to pass…patience is not really one of my virtues (iPhone pic).
A nice view at the Pelican Landing restaurant overlooking Lake Texoma (iPhone pic).
To prepare to paint the concrete floor inside the front porch was quite laborious.  We had to scrape the glue and remaining indoor/outdoor carpeting, then sweep, clean, sweep, and clean.  We so hope this paint holds up well like Sherwin Williams promised.
There you have it!  A few pics from our week.

8|52 Around, Week 8 (Feb 19-25, 2012)


It’s been a typical week. We met Kelsey at the tag agency to finalize transferring the car titles to our kids yesterday and then Keith and I ate a good breakfast at a place called Around The Corner.  As you can see the place was full of people and the walls were loaded with lots of stuff.  They really like all things about chickens and roosters and I bet dusting is fun there.

360|365 A Symbol (12/30/11)


During the holiday season, this is my view each morning as I walk down the alley and into the building where I work.  A symbol straight ahead and above that is meaningful to me and reminds me of my priorities.

358|365 The Big Blue Bowl (12/28/11)

There are a handful of comforting things to do on a cool, winter evening at home.  One of them is to make enough popcorn to fill the big blue bowl then sit in front of the laptop or TV and munch on the popcorn.


344|365 Through the glass (12/14/11)

Tired.  In a word, that describes me today.


As I sat on the couch and stared into space this evening, I looked out the back door and saw the cool colors of sun setting.  This iPhone photo doesn’t do it justice but I’m too tired to do more with my camera.

331|365 Stacked and Curled (12/1/11)


By the time I got around to eating dinner, I was famished. No time for cooking when you’re that hungry so I went through the drive thru.

My tummy’s full now and I’m exhausted and hoping I can make it through this post.

It is the first of December and I plan to get my Christmas decorations up this weekend. I love just sitting in the room with only the Christmas tree lights on and watching the cat sleep in his favorite spot under the tree.

328|365 He Loves Me (11/28/11)

Purrkins knows that I’m needing to be comforted so he’s staying with me. Hearing his purring, feeling his soft furr and his warmth is pleasing to me.