Chores and Diversions

Recently I bought an 84″ solid wood bookcase and spent time unpacking boxes of my mother’s journals, memorabilia and research as well as similar items from my dad. My reason for doing this is so that I can more easily see and access these materials as I continue to archive, index and etc for better accessibility. In the closet is much, much more that is almost completely processed.

The ivy was a plant we received for Mom’s memorial service and I’m happy it’s still thriving. The butterflies were in the flowers my son gave me for mother’s day.

The book cover puzzle is Travis’ to enjoy while he recuperates from his shoulder surgery yet it has become my latest diversion.  Meanwhile the items on display in my new bookcase remain a chore to be completed.


A New Path

Perhaps you heard that Lake Texoma got a lot of rain this year.  A couple of weeks ago we drove around to see how the water level was at several of the ramps, marinas and beaches.  You’ll need to make a new path to get to the docks, I’d say.


Notice the light


It’s taken until late July for us to get typical hot summer temperatures.  I’m sure this bunny is enjoying the shade and the cooler dirt in our backyard.  I’ve never seen a bunny that seemed this relaxed.


The pie cooked up a memory

When I told my Dad about the baked apple pie and a cherry cobbler that Keith made for us to enjoy as part of our July 4 meal he immediately recalled how, as a child, cherry was his favorite pie.  Dad said that he must have really loved it because his dad sang “Roly Poly Daddy’s Little Fatty” to him although when he sang it he changed the pie to cherry.  Dad told me that my grandpa played the record and had a big stack of other 78rpm records he listened to as well.

“Roly Poly” was first recorded by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys in 1946 when my Dad was 8 years old.  All photos of my Dad as a child show that he was stout and healthy but not overweight.  While the title of the song isn’t very flattering, the song is actually about a a very active boy who eats continuously to keep his strength up.   I’m confident that my Grandpa found the song endearing.  Here’s the song with the lyrics below the video.

Roly Poly eatin’ corn and ‘taters
Hungry every minute of the day
Roly Poly gnawin’ on a biscuit
As long as he can chew it, it’s okay.

He can eat an apple pie
And never even bat an eye
He likes everything from soup to hay
Roly Poly daddy’s little fatty
Bet he’s gonna be a man some day.

Roly Poly scrambled eggs for breakfast
Bread and jelly twenty times a day
Roly Poly eats a hearty dinner
It takes lots of strength to run and play.

Pulls up weeds and does the chores
And he runs both ways to all the stores
He works up an appetite that way
Roly Poly daddy’s little fatty
Bet he’s gonna be a man some day

Keith’s cool July 4th apple pie triggered a memory and now I know another tidbit about my Dad and my Grandpa.

2015Jul04_0022Update:  My Dad responded to this post by adding “Memories! I can’t tell you how many times that song has played in my mind.  I loved my Dad! He taught me so much without me even knowing he was teaching me. I wish for every child to have such a Dad!”  And my Aunt said “I remember Daddy singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’.”

A Summer Weekend

Noble, Oklahoma has a restaurant that is known for its great chicken fried steak and that is where my brother and I took our Dad for lunch the day before Father’s Day.  Afterwards we visited the Noble cemetery and paid our respects to Mom and others.  It was the first time that David got to see our Mom’s headstone since it was set; it now has lots of grass growing all around it.  Mom’s 75th birthday was Monday; our first without her.

Looking north toward Noble.

Looking north toward Noble (Mom’s headstone is quite a bit behind me in this pic)

The next day was Father’s day and was a trip to visit my daughter and have lunch.  It was a perfect opportunity for a family photo using my remote control.  Here’s a selfie making sure the focus was set.

Freeze frame

Freeze frame

Re-filling my cup


A souvenir cup from a genealogy trip Mom and I took a few years ago.  Everytime I use it, I recall the wonderful time we had together.

The week of June 7-12 I took another genealogy trip…without Mom.  I attended the week long class as part of the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.  It was an important event for me for several reasons including personal development, of course, and to get myself ‘back on that horse’ of doing genealogy research without my Mom’s help and company.  She would have loved being there and learning.  It was a great week and now I’ve got to apply pieces I learned.

My lunch spot one day during my week on Samford's campus.

My lunch spot one day during my week on Samford’s campus.

You Ask Y

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken or shared many photos.  Today my dad and I went to a local park and took photos that met the criteria of the theme we chose, which was anything that begins with or looks like the letter Y.  All the typically green grass, plants and trees have more yellow in them than may be typical due to the high number of days we’ve had only short amount of sunshine and record amounts of rain.  I present below a few of mine.







It’s set

My Mom’s headstone was set earlier this week and I finally had the opportunity to visit the cemetery April 11.

In one of her speeches and in a letter for her grandchildren (my kids) on their 18th birthday she said “In this river of life, your mission is to uncover your song (not just discover it, because it’s been there all along) and once you uncover it, sing it for all you’re worth. When the river of life joins with the sea of eternity – the sea will not be complete without my melody and yours.” She hunted, collected, assimilated and wrote words to uncover and share her melody and it remains alive.


Saturday, April 11, 2015


My brother bought some chickens and now he and our Dad are building them a chicken coop. The fun part of my day was watching my brother and our Dad work together while I played with my Dad’s new full frame camera.



Saturday, April 18, 2015

Full Frame

My Dad got a cool new toy today.  A full frame camera!


Notice the extra pairs of legs under the chair? My cat was supervising…as usual.

Also today my Mom’s headstone arrived at the monument company where I ordered it so I went to view it and it looks just as my brother and I requested.  The company hopes the ground will dry out enough to install it by the end of next week.

It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve shared anything on this blog.  In some ways that’s because I’m too exhausted from my work to do anything else but I know it’s also because my Mom isn’t here to comment and share with me.  I suppose in some illogical way I think that by not doing my genealogy research or not taking and sharing my photos that I can keep my sadness suppressed.  But enough of that.

What has been happening?  Over the past few months we’ve had some snow days; Keith installed fabulous pullout basket-type drawers in our kitchen; celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday; finalized more of Mom’s affairs; completed the extremely fun income tax return; finished 3/4 of an online genealogy class; got accepted in a week long genealogy class that I’ll take this summer; escaped another tornado; ordered a new dishwasher; a company finally started building a new house on the lot just south of us (the previous house was destroyed in the May 20, 2013 tornado); and lots of every day things.

There, a full frame view.

For Posterity

We got to celebrate our kids’ 23rd birthday yesterday.  One of our first activities was brunch at Cafe do Brazil then we went to Kelsey’s for gifts and cake.


Of course, it was a perfect opportunity to capture a few family photos for posterity.  Keith suggested that we all squeeze in on the couch (similar to the cartoon The Simpson’s did).  So we did our version of that.


The timer on my camera allows me time to get in the picture!


Manna from our kitchen

Recently Keith and Travis were discussing the health benefits of manna bread so Keith decided to make some.  I’ve always heard the phrase “manna from Heaven”, which is a reference to the food God gave the Israelites during the Exodus and has become synonymous with a sudden happening that brings good fortune.  Until this weekend I’ve never had manna bread.  It is bread made from a sprouted grain, which uses only the Essene’s technique to make the very simple and healthy bread.

Keith added sunflower seeds to the top of a portion of the bread.  The bread has a sweet taste and the texture reminds me of bran.



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