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Spring is in the air

The wall hanging caught my eye with the stripes in the letters that were the result of the shadows.  I found myself focused on the short phrase “and be” that is a small part of the wall hanging.  Most often I ask myself what to be, when to be, how to be or why to be yet this morning the shadows directed me to the phrase and be.  Never mind the questions of what, when, how or why of being rather focus on adding to being, that is and be.


As Keith was gazing out a window at our lake place he observed an adult male yellow-bellied sapsucker woodpecker in a nearby tree and told me to come watch.  I was able to get a couple of photos of the bird hunting for just the right spots to drill holes in the tree and wait for sap to seep out.


You can see his red head and throat and his chest has a bit of yellow on it.


In the photo below his head is blurry due to his drilling action in making the sapwells.  Can you imagine the knocking sound it makes?


It’s officially spring with beautiful sunshiny days, birds playing and lots of wind.


As I drove home I was intrigued by the 50 or so wind turbines in the Arbuckle Wind Farm that are busy capturing the kinetic energy of wind and converting it to electricity.  This product of electricity then is exported to Nebraska.  It boggles my mind.


A New Path

Perhaps you heard that Lake Texoma got a lot of rain this year.  A couple of weeks ago we drove around to see how the water level was at several of the ramps, marinas and beaches.  You’ll need to make a new path to get to the docks, I’d say.


Notice the light


It’s taken until late July for us to get typical hot summer temperatures.  I’m sure this bunny is enjoying the shade and the cooler dirt in our backyard.  I’ve never seen a bunny that seemed this relaxed.




This is a small portion of one of our flowerbeds at our lake place. The photo exaggerates the weeds but it matches my perception of them.


Keith put the swing up so it’s ready for some play.


A friend’s grandchild is ready to go fishing!


A Hidden Soda Fountain

We drove the 30 miles south from our lake place to Whitesboro, Texas (population 3,783 in 2010 ) yesterday afternoon to get a bite to eat and saunter around some antique stores on their Main Street.  Our first stop was Lovejoy’s on Main, which is a quaint, comfortable place to have good food and great experience.


41|2013 A Gift (October 28 – November 3, 2013)

Several months ago as I was listening to my 11 year old nephew while we rode to the lake he told me that he won a piece of art at the Festival of Arts this spring and that he wanted to give it to us for our lake place.  He said it would fit that atmosphere better than in his home.  I didn’t think much more about it until last Friday when I arrived at my lake place and there on the kitchen table was a piece of art.  Instantly, I remembered him telling me he wanted us to have it.  He had been down to our place a couple of weekends ago with Keith and my brother and brought it then.   He also gave us a bottle in the shape of a fish.


I took a brief walk around the yard Saturday afternoon and enjoyed the little, bright red berries on the tree next to the house.  Seems so cheerful to me.


36|2013 …And Counting (September 23 – 29, 2013)

Monday Keith and I celebrated 24 years of marriage.


Wednesday, we celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday.  Happy B-Day cookie decoration specially hand-made by my brother-in-law.



Over the weekend a group came down to our lake place and went fishing on Saturday.  Then, on Sunday, we had a fish fry and enjoyed eating and visiting in our  screened in front porch.


32|2013 A Piece of Cake and More (August 26 – September 1, 2013)

Wednesday evening after work Keith and I drove to our lake place for a 6 day vacation.  Our plans included scanning photos & painting.  Of the 700 photos I did get about 500 of them scanned!  Keith painted the south bedroom, which is the last room in the house with the dark wood paneling.


We love the new look!


Saturday was my birthday and we went to Catfish Platter with some friends and Keith made a delicious peach cobbler.  My Mom made a chocolate cake and I got to eat a piece of cake with my Mom and Dad on Sunday.  It was a weekend of many sweet things.

Sunday afternoon while Keith was out on the lake he loaned a life vest to a woman.  To express her appreciation she invited him to a cookout held annually called The Festival of the Testicle where they serve calf fries, as they are called here in Oklahoma.  Keith was thrilled to get an invitation so we went and met a whole bunch of really nice, friendly folks.


While there Keith got a special t-shirt to remember the event:


30|2013 The Dish (August 12-18, 2013)

Behind our house at the lake is a newly installed Internet satellite dish.  Standing firm in a concrete slab, it ought to be there for a while.  There’s no doubt that having the Internet available impacts my options tremendously.


Earlier in the week I found in a box in our garage with Kelsey’s red, fluffy rug and from the moment I set it down Purrkins was on it.  He hardly moved from it over the next few days.


29|2013 A to Z Weekend (August 5-11, 2013)

Aaron had us begin our August weekend by playing the alphabet car game as we drove to the lake.   Continuing that game here’s the rundown of our a to z weekend sprinkled with a few photos:

Aaron, watched as the new windows were installed

2013 Aug11_0003a

Bill payment avoided by my time at the lake

Cookies devoured when they were fresh out of the oven

Dan and his young son, Sam, visited

Endless ideas of projects

Fished at the pond across the street

Grandpa (aka my Dad)

Holes in our window screen from an unknown bug


Internet satellite became an option for us

Jet ski time

Keith & Kay


Miter saw used to cut the angles for the window trim

New handmade frame for the canvas artwork (courtesy of Dad)

Oven replaced in the south 40 (salvaged from a neighbor whose home was destroyed in the May 20 tornado)

Phone service better now with the new booster antenna

Quality time together



Scorpion in the bathroom sink (yuk!)

TV reception at the south 40 now that the digital converter is hooked up

Upset Purrkins constantly hissed and growled at the kids

Vacuumed lots of dust

Windows installed in the north 40


Xylophone sound from a cell phone’s ring tone

Yellow jackets (at the south 40)

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay my oh my what a wonderful day!

26|2013 The View (July 15-21, 2013)

The weather was surprising for summer in Oklahoma this week.  It rained and was in the 80’s.  Interestingly, during the downpour on Monday one of our neighbors’ houses finally got some attention by having a group of folks pull debris out of the house (wearing masks undoubtedly due to the mold inside) and throwing the debris in to their front yard.  2013Jul15_0033

Finally one of our replacement windows was installed this week so now I can see out of the office window rather than looking at the black tarp.  I only wish the neighbors’ homes were in better shape to enjoy the view more.

With the rain our lawn got much greener this week and the bunnies seemed to love the weather.2013Jul17_0014a

Cellular service at our lake place is minimal and my Dad bought a signal booster to improve our reception so we played with it and had just about decided where to install it when the temporary location of the antenna fell and busted the antenna.  During our tests the signal strength easily doubled so it will be worth the effort and we have ordered a replacement antenna already.

Keith got our boat out of the shop Saturday afternoon and then a couple joined Keith, Dad and I to do some boating, tubing and skiing.  They are from Russia where boating is not a common activity and they clearly enjoyed themselves experiencing many firsts.  As is typical Keith let each of them drive the boat.


Since we got a late start on the lake we were out until dusk and the sunset was beautiful.