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85|365 The Epitome of a Treasure (3/30/11)


As I pulled open our junk drawer tonight I remembered my favorite spot in my Grammy’s house was a drawer in her kitchen.  It was full of just about anything you could imagine, or so it seemed.  To redirect my playing there, Grammy filled another drawer in the kitchen and told me that it was ‘my’ drawer.  Every time I visited her something new was in the drawer for me.  It may have been new crayons, Wooly Willy, a coin purse with pennies in it, or an old apron.  It didn’t matter, it was a treasure!  My Grammy was a treasure and today would have been her 97th birthday.

Here’s a peek into the junk drawer in my house.  While it doesn’t seem like it has any treasure in it, it did provide me impetus for a momentary diversion in which I found a website for kids to write an instant List Poem.

What’s in our junk drawer
number 9 candle with a spent wick
tools galore
gold beaded chain connectors
wolf performance ammunition
fabric with flowers
earplugs that are yellow
batteries that are energizers

You can’t have everything.  Where would you put it? ~Steven Wright


86|365 Let Me Rephrase It (3/31/11)

Once we felt comfortable that my mother-in-law’s surgery went well and she was okay, we headed home.  By then it was dinner time and we decided to eat at a Chinese buffet.  I always open my fortune cookie, eat at least a portion of it and read my fortune that’s tucked inside.  Tonight mine said “Life is a series of choices.  Today yours are good ones.”


It’s interesting, to me, to really think about the individual words within sentences and what each brings to the overall meaning.  Sometimes I like to dissect the sentences in order to understand the meanings in new ways.  So, with my fortune tonight I read the first word only and contemplated that.  Then I added the next word and absorbed what that phrase might mean.  Each time I added the next word in the sentence and each time I reflected on the change that the new word presented to the meaning. Try it, see what you think.

Life Is.
Life is A.
Life is a Series.
Life is a series of.
Life is a series of Choices.

84|365 It’s All About Choice (3/29/11)


Is there any doubt what he’s doing?  The body language says it all, don’t you think?

Behind Keith are a whole bunch of green and black olives that he’s getting ready to smoke but first he has to decide on the spices he wants to use.  Every time he makes them is an opportunity to try something new.  Decisions, decisions.

Do you recognize the spice cabinet?

Also of note today, we finally are using up the last of our firewood since it’s been rather cool. Purrkins absolutely loves to lay in front of the fire until it seems he’s surely about to burn up.  It’s adorable to watch.

83|365 Liquids (3/28/11)


They say to drink plenty of liquids so I’ve been doing that today hoping it takes care of whatever’s ailing me.

82|365 Blooms & Gloves Go Hand In Hand (3/27/11)

Without gloves no telling what my skin and nails would look like after umpteen hours of weeding.  Then when you factor in all the creepiness of the bugs and unknown objects, I don’t even like to think about the condition I’d be in.  So, when I finally wore a whole all the way through one of the fingers I knew the time had arrived to get new gloves.


Several years ago I found some old, dried up bulbs in our garage and decided to plant them at our lake place.  I think this is the first year I’ve timed being at the lake to see the daffodills in bloom and that feels rewarding, which is good compensation for all the soreness from weeding.


81|365 As The Sun Sets (3/26/11)


Mom came to our house, we loaded up the cat and by 6:00am were headed to Norman to pick up my mother-in-law. Then we made our way to our place at Lake Texoma.

By 9:30 I got busy weeding all around the mobile home while Mom cleaned inside. We haven’t been here since September so the place needs some attention. I didn’t finish so I’ll have to complete the weeding tomorrow.

Keith spent a big chunk of the day trying to get the mower running but with no luck Then we learned that our washing machine isn’t working either. Oh well, that’s why we come early so we have time to prepare the place for summer.

This evening we enjoyed a nice meal at The Anchor Inn at Buncombe Creek marina. I walked on the dock and took a photo of the view with my iPhone. Since there’s no Internet I’ll have to use my cell phone to post.

The peaceful calm of the water and the sunset provide a beautiful image to close the day.

80|365 Two Drops In Time (3/25/11)

Wednesday when I reached for my necklace I couldn’t find it in my jewelry box or anywhere.  It is not like me to misplace things and I tried to recall my steps especially because this necklace is special.  Keith and I bought matching topaz drops on our 20th wedding anniversary in 2009.

I remembered that I put my necklace into my pant’s pocket for safe keeping while I had some tests run at a lab a few days earlier.  I looked in my dress pants’ pockets, I looked in the laundry, I looked everywhere I could think of but nothing.  I called the lab, they didn’t have it.  When I told Keith I couldn’t find it, he said “oh well, we’ll buy something else on our next anniversary.”  Later, Keith looked in the washing machine’s P trap but it wasn’t there.

By Thursday evening Keith was ribbing me about losing the necklace.  Something I knew I’d be dealing with for years.


As I was driving to work this morning thinking how much I like wearing jeans on casual day, I remembered that I went to the lab on Friday.  That meant that I hadn’t worn my dress pants, I’d worn jeans to work.  I stuck my hand in my right pocket and felt to the left and then to the right.  There it was all bunched up in my pocket!  Immediately, I phoned Keith to tell him the news to which he replied “I knew you loved me.”

When I got to work a co-worker asked if I found my necklace and I replied that I did just this morning.  He then told me that he prayed about it asking God to help me find it.

I’m truly blessed with caring co-workers, a wonderful husband and, of course, my topaz necklace.  We bought these drops for one another and hope one day to pass them on to our son and daughter.  I know it’s just a material thing and it’s really minor in the scheme of things but I really am glad I found it.

79|365 Real Simple Isn’t (3/24/11)


“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”  ~Charles Mingus (1922-1979)

This was on a page from my daily calendar last week but I’ve thought of it nearly every day since then.

78|365 Today Is OK Day, K? (3/23/11)

As a child I was miserably shy and each time one of my school teachers would say ‘OK’, my heart raced and my fair-skinned face would turn beet red.  That’s because all I heard was ‘Kay’, which is my name, and I thought they were calling on me.  As the years went on I learned to ignore some of the times when they said OK.  Unfortunately, this lead to a different problem of me not responding when the teacher was actually calling on me and then they would be upset that I wasn’t listening.

So, when I read that today is the first annual OK Day, a day to celebrate the invention of the word OK, I had to learn more.  Its history dates back to March 23, 1839 in Boston.  If you, too, want to read more about OK click the links under ‘further reading’ below.

I rarely respond, like I did as a child, when I hear the standard pronounciation of OK, with the quiet ‘o’.  A new scenario plays out now when Keith, my husband, hears me say OK.  He replies with “Oh, Keith”.

There are so many meanings for that two-letter word.  Yet another meaning came up when I thought ‘today is A-OK’ after I noticed the sun reflecting off the glass windows onto the tops of the trees.


I used my iPhone and Instagram’s tilt-shift & lomo-fi filters for this photo.

Further Reading

77|365 Intentional Focus (3/22/11)

“. . . wishes are like magnifying glasses they enlarge and focus an intention that is already inside us.”  — Stephen Mitchell (The Frog Prince: A Fairy Tale for Consenting Adults)


In an old cigar box that I’ve had for as long as I can remember is this retractable magnifying glass and I have no idea who it belonged to originally.  When I held it up and looked through it, the lamp on the table was in focus, though upside down.  I just thought it was interesting so I took a photo to practice making the background very blurry.