Monthly Archives: October 2011

300|365 Wrappers (10/31/11)

It’s Halloween and I’m sure it comes as no surprise that we have candy wrappers and other trash laying around in our kitchen now. How long will the candy last?


299|365 Look In It, Look On It (10/30/11)

After finishing the painting in the living room at our lake place, Keith and I arranged the furniture in the living room & den.  When we open the doors the next time we go back it will be so delightful to have the place in order.

Before heading back home I took a few photos around the front yard there.  In the birdbath were several leaves submerged in the water and some floating on the water.  Depending on how I focused the camera’s lens, I could see the leaves in the water or I could see the reflection of trees above, where the leaves probably began their journey.


I changed the angle of the camera between these two photos but they still remind me of the old lady/young lady optical illusion used to demonstrate that our perceptions impact how and what we see and that we don’t always see things fully.  In fact, the meaning of something can change when we look at it differently, it is our perception that changes not the situation.

298|365 Paint, Pump and Peace (10/29/11)


We’re still painting the paneling at our lake place. Hopefully, we’ll be through with the living room tomorrow. It’s looking really good.

Today, we had a problem with our septic tank and thankfully D&D Septic Tank Cleaning with a tag line of “U dump it, we pump it” came to help us. They said ‘something broke loose’ but no one wanted to look at what it might have been and we think it’s resolved.

The septic problem and finding another live fiddleback when I reached for a bowl to bail water out of the toilet were the only real concerns today.

On a more positive note, Purrkins seems to now finally be at peace here. I’m not sure what helped him get to that point but he’s sleeping as I’m typing.

297|365 This Little Light (10/28/11)


It was 6:30 this morning and dark as I pushed the trash can against the curb. When I turned around there was a small light in the grass. At first I wondered if it was a lightening bug that was staying ‘on’. I decided to shine my iPhone’s flashlight on it before reaching into the dark grass for it. I pondered if it was some alien, or a prank or who knows.

The flashlight helped me see it was an object. So I reached into the grass and picked it up. Whatever it is it has an LED light that has different settings from low to high but no off. It has a threaded area where something could attach to it. Maybe it was something from when AT&T came to repair our Internet and TV reception?

Who knows but I used its light this morning as I walked through the construction on my way to work. I need to be sure others can see me in the dark.

296|365 Just Venting (10/27/11)

Two weeks ago we brought three vents home from the lake to clean and spray paint. I bought the spray paint on Monday then last night I cleaned them as best as I could. Tonight, well, I thought about spray painting them.  Does that count for something?


Maybe I’ll get it done this weekend.

295|365 Near and Dear (10/26/11)

Certainly, there are more comfy places to lay than nearly on top of a bulky book bag with textbooks in it.  Yet, when I woke up this morning, there was Purrkins snuggled up to his dear Kelsey’s things.  He loves being near our things and these days he doesn’t get to do that very often with the kids.


294|365 Adorable Bluebell (10/25/11)

Last week my brother-in-law gave us some pieces of a Noritake Bluebell pattern 5558 that he said were family heirlooms. My mother-in-law’s brother sent this to her as a wedding gift in 1954 from Guam, where he was stationed.  Originally the set included a large bowl with a lid like a casserole dish and many, many pieces but over the years and moves only the equivalent of a tea set remains.  According to a website where you can purchase replacements, the pattern was made from 1954-1971.


The teapot is quite adorable so I displayed it on our kitchen counter.  Both my son and daughter noticed it immediately when they came over and commented on how cute it is.

This evening, I decided to use the teapot, cups and saucer.  My daugther poured the coffee then we settled down with our coffee & cookie dough to watch Dexter.

293|365 Getting Re-Connected (10/24/11)

The iOS 5.0 is available through iTunes now and I got to spend some time visiting with my uncle, aunt and cousin & her husband this evening while I helped them download it for their iPads.  It did take quite a while.  Visiting, waiting, and watching tv until eventually it was accomplished.


Guess doing the same for my iPhone is on my agenda for sometime this week.

292|365 Let’s Vase It (10/23/11)

Finding the right vase for a bouquet of flowers is difficult in my house.  I have several vases that came with flowers that I received from a florist but they are either too short, too tall or the opening is too big or too small (sounds like Goldilocks’ plight).  However, as I was dusting all the knick knack shelves I have yesterday, I realized that I have a very important vase that is fairly tall with a small opening that is a good size for the bouquet I bought Friday.

My Grandma Billings gave the vase to me and told me that it was what her coworkers gave her when she retired from the Streets department store.  She said is was kind of expensive.  I see no markings on it to be able to research it at all.  It is pretty, sentimental and ‘just right’.


291|365 Flowing Gifts & Chocolate (10/22/11)

Possibly the best part of the baby shower for my nephew, Aaron, was the chocolate fountain.  He said he especially liked the chocolate on the marshmellows and strawberries.


The chocolate fountain wasn’t the only thing flowing at the baby shower, there were also beautiful and practical gifts for David and Jennifer to help prepare for their newest addition.  We expect to welcome Zane, Aaron’s baby brother, sometime in November.