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6|365 Aerial View (1/10/11)

Somewhere near San Diego, California on an airplane headed to DFW airport before heading home to OKC.


5|365 Harbor Comfort (1/9/11)

We took the train and then the bus from the Santa Fe depot in San Diego to the Scrippes Intitution of Oceanography University a few miles away.  On the beach there were surfers all along the beach; 2 couples in long formals and tuxedos as they walked along the beach; people in shoes, coats, gloves as well as those barefoot in only swimming trunks and it was about 57 degrees.  We ate at Harry’s Coffee Shop in La Jolla where my husband had eaten in about 1982 and at that time he bought one of their coffee cups, which we still have but it’s quite faded.  So, we bought two new Harry’s Coffee Shop coffee cups.  Then we walked to the La Jolla cove where it is the Harbor Seals pupping season.  There were many seals enjoying the swimming in the cove as well as lounging on the beach.

4|365 Sunny Delight (1/8/11)

As I walked to the San Diego Convention Center the sun peeked out from the clouds to say good morning.

3|365 When They Came Home (1/7/11)

I was in San Diego for a library convention and got to spend a few hours looking around the city.  This is a huge statue called “Unconditional Surrender” that is located in Mole Park in San Diego, California.