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Our vacation finally arrived!  We flew to Kalispell, Montana and enjoyed several days with our daughter, her boyfriend and his parents.  In addition to wonderful company, the scenery and activities were memorable and fun. The hospitality we received was amazing and unforgettable.


Cedar Waxwing, a fruit eating bird found in Montana year-round, flying at the pond.


A doe and her fawn near the house. They were nearby every day.


Keith learning how to fly fish at Lake Rodgers near Kalispell, MT


Fly fishing in a Clackacraft boat at Lake Rodgers


Lake Rodgers. Beautiful!


Geese, lily pads, leeches, eagles and more at Lake Rodgers.


Hoary marmot seen on the Going-to-the-Sun-Road in Glacier National Park

We went horseback riding, whitewater rafting, sat around a campfire at night and, of course, ate huckleberry pie and jam.  The sun rises about 5:45 am and sets after 9:30 pm and there was enough light in the evening to still see until 10;30 or so.  Montana is a perfect place to visit during the summer so that you enjoy its perfect temperatures and beauty.


18|2013 Lucky Girl (May 26, 2013)

May 20.  That date, by itself, will be remembered for a long time to come around here.  In Moore and southwest Oklahoma City a tornado paid an unwelcome visit and forever left us with scars.  Lives were lost in my community.

The tornado came while we were still at work so only our Siamese cat was home.  Our cat was completely unharmed.  Our home was damaged but habitable and repairable.  Our truck was totaled.  Briarwood elementary school, where our kids attended kindergarten through 6th grade, was pretty much leveled.  Neighbors’ homes are gone, condemned or need of repair.


Thankfully, we have family nearby and had a comfortable and safe place to stay.

The next day my husband and brother climbed on the roof to put tarp over the problems.  It was raining and when my husband stepped on the tarp he slid down the roof and landed feet first on the patio concrete.  He immediately rolled in hopes of minimizing the impact.  As I was talking on the phone to a good friend, I watched him fall and all I could think about was hoping that he wouldn’t be injured too badly.  To our surprise he didn’t break any bones!

Two days after the tornado, I walked my neighborhood and took photos.  Here’s a link to photos of the sights I saw: 2013 Tornado

Feeling luck was on our side and knowing there was little we could do at our home for several days due to the utter devastation in our neighborhood, Keith and I opted to go ahead and leave Thursday for our already paid for vacation to Las Vegas.   We started planning the trip back in February.  The first thing we did when we arrived was rent a red, Mustang convertible.  Then we spent the next few days driving the area seeing sights Keith remembered from when he lived there as a boy as well as new places.


Through the lenses.

What a lucky girl I am!

42|52 Just Cruising (October 15-21, 2012)

Our ship left from Montreal on October 13 and we stopped in Quebec City, Prince Edward Island, Syndey & Halifax in Nova Scotia, Bar Harbor, Maine and ended at Boston.  Of the over 800 photos I took (Keith took lots too) I could spend days trying to decide which ones to share.  Instead, I’ve just quickly chosen one from each day and I’ll post others on flickr later.  Technically, the first two images here were from the week before but for continuity purposes, I’m keeping them together here.
It was cold and rainy the day we were in Quebec City but we were still able to walk around the quaint city streets and went to the Musée de la civilisation and especially enjoyed the Samurai exhibit.
Charlottetown was another rainy day and the photography excursion I was booked to attend was cancelled.  Keith and I walked around the town and did some shopping.  One store knits the wool sweaters they sell.  Since Keith loves wool sweaters he bought a nice, blue one.  Now, we just have to wait for a real cold day.
In Syndey, Nova Scotia we walked around the Downtown streets that were right next to the port.  There were small town craft fairs and people decorating for Halloween.  It was a very cool and humid day threatening rain.  The leaves were beautiful and all around, even the chain link fences caught the leaves.
We had one day at sea.  We spent time all over the ship that day and it was really lovely to stare out across the ocean from our cabin window.
In Halifax, Nova Scotia we toured the Citadel and Alexander Keith’s brewery.  Both were interesting and entertaining. The brewery tour was a full production with each of the tour guides staying totally in their 1880’s time period character. Plus, if you like beer, you got samples.
Bar Harbor, Maine was very pretty with the fall foliage colors and sea.  We went on a lobster boat where the owner shared with us all about lobster fishing in Maine.  He made the tour very entertaining.