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This is a small portion of one of our flowerbeds at our lake place. The photo exaggerates the weeds but it matches my perception of them.


Keith put the swing up so it’s ready for some play.


A friend’s grandchild is ready to go fishing!



Art & Soul

When we sat down at the art table our canvas’ had the lines defining parts of the picture we would paint.


By the time we took a break, all of our canvas’ were full of color and the lines mostly invisible.


We got some tips and assistance from others as we sipped our wine20140419_0008


Within three hours our canvas’ were full and our glasses were empty.


The wine I had from Girls Gone Wine called 50 Shades of Chocolate was very sweet like I prefer but I am not so sweet on the shades I created for the shadows on my canvas.


It was a wonderful evening of art and soul with my daughter and mom that I’d do again in a heartbeat!

Our class photo

Our class photo

As The World Turns

Last night my dad, son and I enjoyed an evening together.  After a nice dinner at Ken’s Steaks & Ribs in Amber, Oklahoma I sat back and enjoyed observing my dad and son ponder many world ideas.2014-04-18-19.18.25a

What’s Up There?

In my brother-in-law’s backyard we watched the wildlife last night.  This squirrel was so cute, at least at a distance.




Sunshine Makes Me…

Apparently sunshine not only feels good but it is good for us.  The other day I heard of the results of a recent study that show that higher levels of vitamin D are an indicator of overall good health.  The researchers went on to recommend getting an hour of sunshine spread out over each week.  So, I enjoyed some time outside this evening.