Monthly Archives: September 2011

269|365 Scratched (9/30/11)


Keith bought 3 lottery tickets tonight. One for me, Travis and himself. I don’t recall getting one here in Oklahoma before. We had a moment of anticipation as we scratched the ticket but it didn’t last and we didn’t win.

On a different topic, we are now co-owners of an additional home and land, which is adjacent to our original lake place. And, we are at our new place now.


268|365 Coasters and Gravity (9/29/11)

Do your cats like to watch objects fall?

Tonight when Purrkins was sitting on the arm of the couch right next me, he reached over with his paw and pushed the coaster off the table and seemed fascinated by the effect gravity had on it.  I picked the coaster up and replaced it on the table.  Within a few seconds Purrkins pushed it off again!  We played this game a few more times until he tired of it.

267|365 Below Board (9/28/11)


Yesterday my uncle gave me my grandmother’s ironing board, one he remembers from when he was a small boy.  The frame is old & bent and can be a bit tricky opening and closing.  The pad doesn’t look quite as old as the frame.

The view from under the board.

266|365 No Way! (9/27/11)


If you would have told me that one day I would like onions I would have said ‘no way’.  I do, however, now like grilled onions.

If you would have told me on my first day at work 29 years ago that I would still be working for the same organization, I would not have been able to fathom it.  Yet, it is true as of today.

Change and understanding come in time.

265|365 It’s a Sign (9/26/11)

When I see old signs similar to this one that is located in Nicoma Park, I remember the days of going to filling stations with full customer service.  The gas attendant served each customer by filling the car’s tank, checking its oil, water and cleaning the windshield.  Then the attendant gave us stamps and once we collected enough of them we exchanged them for a drinking glass.  I think my Mom still has some of those little ones.

264|365 Smoked Olives (9/25/11)

Among the many enjoyable treats in our household is Keith’s smoked olives.  Tonight Keith dished himself a bowl full of smoked olives and poured himself a glass of wine.  I’m not sure if they go well together but he seemed to enjoy them.
Of note today:  I sold the dresser that my Dad made for my 16th birthday.  It’s been well loved and appreciated.

263|365 Chocolate Finds (9/24/11)

Last night and today as I went from place to place doing things around the house, I kept discovering chocolate.  In my bed, in my makeup drawer, in my chair, and so on.  Keith had placed these little treats for me to find.

Now, I’m thinking of my husband as I try to decide which chocolate will go best with my cup of coffee.


262|365 Together (9/23/11)

We made a toast for a blessed marriage twenty two years ago on our wedding day.  Now, using the same glasses, Keith and I make another toast for continued blessings as we travel this life together.


261|365 Autumn is Approaching (9/22/11)


My mailbox is full of fall season catalogs these days.  Those catalogs and my need to keep my feet warm by wearing socks again are telltale signs that autumn is approaching.

260|365 The Circle of Life (9/21/11)

As the weather cools our flowers are starting to bloom again.  Soon they will whither away until next spring.  Perhaps the shape of the handle on the pot represents the circle of life that the pot holds year after year.


I really like this pot and it was a pot my son selected several years ago.  Most of the decoration has weathered off but the varying textures are interesting to me.