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Projects always seem worth it once they’re completed and you’ve rested.  I’ve wanted the cabinets over the kitchen bar and the box lighting removed for many years.   We kept the storage space by moving the cabinets to the utility room.  Thanks to my husband for all his work, it looks great and I love it!



Once the holes where the electrical connections for the light were patched, those areas needed to have texture added.  Using texture in a can gets the job done but its quite messy.  See for yourself…



Glad I could hide behind my camera for protection or Keith would have texturized me.

Ahhhh, R&R

It was a week of R&R.

Remodeling the kitchen.  I have wanted the cabinets over the bar and the big box of lights in the kitchen removed for many years.  This week Keith said he’d begin the project in the fall when it was cool since it required working in the attic.  I was pleasantly surprised when I came home one day and the cabinets were down and then the next day the big box around the fluorescent lights was gone with a handwritten message on the ceiling from my husband.


Reunions are a great opportunity to stay connected with family.  Over the weekend Keith, his cousins and their families came to our lake place.  After a day of play, we all gathered around the TV and watched old family movies that we recently converted from film to a DVD.


The remodel and reunion made for a great week.