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361|365 Finishing 2011 (12/31/11)

Crying is not my favorite thing to do but it is sometimes unavoidable, which was the case today when we were watching War Horse in the theater.  That movie is a tear jerker.

Before the movie I snapped a photo of Keith and me sitting in our seats in the balcony waiting for the movie and our meal.  Until then Keith wasn’t aware that the iPhone makes taking self portraits super easy since it shows you the image before you take it.  The main down side is that it uses a much lower resolution photo, as you can tell here.  Regardless, it was still a fun photo taken on the last day of 2011.


360|365 A Symbol (12/30/11)


During the holiday season, this is my view each morning as I walk down the alley and into the building where I work.  A symbol straight ahead and above that is meaningful to me and reminds me of my priorities.

359|365 Fascinating Oldness (12/29/11)

In the DeFries/Brown family photo album are four tintypes and I wish I knew the names & stories of the individuals in the photos. These probably date from 1856 to 1890’s so they seem appropriate for this week’s digital photography school theme of oldness.  In this case oldness is very fascinating to me.


On my other blog is more information about this album and the photos: Old DeFries Photos

358|365 The Big Blue Bowl (12/28/11)

There are a handful of comforting things to do on a cool, winter evening at home.  One of them is to make enough popcorn to fill the big blue bowl then sit in front of the laptop or TV and munch on the popcorn.


357|365 From My Chair (12/27/11)

After 5 days off, today was back to work.  Most times I’m not ready to go back to work, but I was this time.  This evening my son picked me up and we attended a nutritional presentation.  Afterwards, Travis and his friend put all of our Christmas boxes in the attic in record time.  No doubt I forgot to pack something but the majority is put away.

Finally, I got to sit down and here’s a view from my chair that shows my new flannel pjs, my new tv, my new blu-ray dvd player and my new surname tile.  Keith’s not watching an HD channel so the picture isn’t as large and clear as it can get.


356|365 Established (12/26/11)

With all our Christmas decorations back in their storage boxes and ready to be taken to the attic, I was able to find a spot for one of my gifts.  My brother and sister-in-law gave me a really neat personalized tile and stand.  It has our wedding date and surname on it.  I like it a lot and for now like its spot in our living room.


Another cool thing we got was a new 42″ flat screen high definition TV and a wifi enabled blu-ray DVD player.  We’re starting to have a really nice home theater.

355|365 Gifting (12/25/11)

We all woke up within an hour of one another and soon began opening our gifts. We each got things we wanted, needed, can wear or read.  Perhaps you can tell by the expressions on my kids’ faces that the gifting was all fun.


Today we had plenty of leftover goodies and then Keith made a delicious prime rib.  Kelsey said it was the best she’s ever had.  It was excellent.

354|365 And To All A Goodnight (12/24/11)


My Oreo truffles say “Merry Christmas” on this Christmas Eve.

353|365 Having Some Cheer (12/23/11)

Here’s proof that I’m finally having one of the drinks Diane brought for me to the last three get togethers.  Tonight it is my Christmas cheer (the perfect color don’t ya think?) and it was delicious.  Slurp!


352|365 Holiday Fun (12/22/11)

We got to play dirty Santa again tonight and Keith and I made good with lots of chocolate plus I got some peppermint Schnapps that I plan on putting into a cup of hot cocoa soon.  Stacy managed to keep his gift that included a redneck wine glass, which is a Ball canning jar on top of a glass candlestick.  Keith said he wants to buy a set for our lake place.


It’s late, I’m tired and we had a good time at the Holiday Fun Christmas party.