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4|52 Week 4 (Jan 22-28, 2012)

What happened this week other than the routines of going to work, tidying the house, paying bills and surfin’ the net?

The beer got bottled. The multi-step process requires having lots of clean bottles, bottle caps and other equipment and, in this case took about an hour.  In about a week the beer will be ready to drink.
Our kids moved out of the apartment they’ve been sharing for the past 6 months. Now our garage and my mother-in-law’s is full of boxes and furniture.  As you can see in the pictures, it was an gorgeous January day with the temperatures in the 50’s.


207|365 Exhausted (7/30/11)


I’m exhausted.  I woke up early (4:30) then everyone else was up by 7:15 when we began moving.  The u-haul was wonderful and clearly made the task much easier.

When we started unloading the u-haul the noon sirens were going off and we finished at 12:34!  But, that was by no means the end of the work.

Earlier in the day I realized, when we took the bedding off of Kelsey’s bed, that we no longer had the box springs and we only found 2 pieces of the bed frame.  Since Kelsey was no longer going to use underbed storage as her base, we needed to get those things to complete the bed.  Once we unloaded everything at their apartment, Keith went to a mattress store bought those items and brought them back.

By 4:00 Keith went home, Travis stayed at the apartment while the Cox guy installed the wireless router & modem and Kelsey & I were on our way to her ‘old place’ where we packed and moved all of her stuff.

Since Kelsey lives on the 3rd floor, we walked those stairs a lot (I heard the temperature today was 103). We completely filled our F-250 truck bed and the back portion of the extended cab area with her things. Had I really understood how much stuff she had we would have taken the u-haul and more help,

We made it back to the ‘new’ apartment by 7:30 pm or so and unloaded all of that.  Next, Travis, Kelsey and I went to the grocery store and bought the staples needed in a kitchen.  I was very thankful that the girls at Kelsey’s old place couldn’t or didn’t want to take the dry goods, so we got quite a bit of food that way.

I left Travis & Kelsey unpacking their groceries & things at about 9:45 pm.

When I got home, Keith had already taken the huge pile of items the kids no longer needed/wanted to Goodwill; given the underbed storage to our neighbors;  had vacuumed and steam cleaned both of the kids’ emtpy rooms; and spackled the walls in preparation for new paint.

Is it any wonder we are all exhausted?

206|365 Packing (7/29/11)

Today our kids started packing their things getting ready to move into an apartment tomorrow.  It’s a mess in our house right now and probably will be for a few days.


We went to Keith’s Mom’s where our kids got a few pieces of furniture that was their uncle’s, their great, great aunt’s and their grandma’s.  Tomorrow we’ll probably figure out if we’re missing anything.  For now, I’m really too tired.