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25|52 The Pacific Coast (June 18-24, 2012)

Friday I was on Southwest airlines on my way to Anaheim, California to attend the American Library Association Convention.  Again, I missed being home for my husband and mom’s birthday, which is June 22.

I walked nearly 9 miles through the airports and around the convention center and the hotel.  Whew, did my feet hurt.

Saturday, after a full day of attending various meetings and workshops, I was able to enjoy a few hours at Disneyland.  One of the things I wanted to do was to go to the Enchanted Tiki Room because I remember being enthralled with it when I first saw it in 1968 as an 8 years old.


Photo A: Taken by my Dad when I first saw the show in 1968.

I was nervous that my wonderful memory might get damaged but it didn’t, it was delightful!  The Enchanted Tiki room opened on June 23, 1963 so I was there on its 49th anniversary.


Photo B: Taken by me this week, 2012

Sunday evening my friend and I rented a car and drove to Huntington Beach and Newport Beach.  We walked along the beach and got our feet wet. Boy, was that water cold!

It was a good trip.  Each of the last 4 weeks I have been on a plane and have traveled to the east coast and then to the west coast. Visiting places is exciting and exhausting.  For now, it’s home sweet home.

To see more of the photos from this trip visit my 2012 Anaheim flickr set.


24|52 Many Miles (June 11-17, 2012)

This week I was on vacation with my Mom and we saw lots of gorgeous scenery. There is so much beauty in the mountains and the ocean in South Carolina.  We spent time in the Spartanburg area, then a lovely drive along SH 11, ventured briefly into North Carolina, then to Columbia, Charleston, Folly Beach and back to Spartanburg. We flew into and out of Spartanburg, rented a car and drove over 1200 miles and I took over 1000 photos.  The map below shows tiny pictures that note each place I took photos so you can clearly see how much of the state we traveled. (Note: This map is not interactive but there is one on flickr, see link below.)


Below are four photos from our trip.  Also, visit my flickr site, 2012 South Carolina Trip, to see a broader sampling of photos from the trip.  Thanks to my wonderful husband who bought me a Canon EOS Rebel T2i with the 18mm-250mm lens, I’m really lovin’ taking photos.


A row of cannons at Fort Sumpter, SC.


A projectile embedded in the wall at Fort Sumpter, SC.


There were tons of butterflies at the Butterfly House at Cypress Gardens.


This is the swamp area at Cypress Gardens, which includes areas where the movies The Patriot and The Notebook were filmed.

On a totally different topic, today is Father’s Day and Keith went to visit his Dad but before he left he did a little prep work for dinner tonight.  This chick is sporting an interesting suit.


23|52 Meeting of the Miles (June 4-10, 2012)


After anticipating for over a year going to South Carolina with my Mom on a genealogy trip, it finally arrived on Thursday.

We attended a family reunion of Miles researchers even though we don’t connect into the line. Our families did know each other way back in the early 1800’s and earlier. The weekend had great opportunities for us and we’ll tell you about it later in our journal of the trip. For now, I thought I’d share a non-genealogy sight I saw (since I can only figure out how to upload 1 picture through my iPad application). The photo was taken at the Musgrove Mill historical site where we saw a reenactment of how to load and shoot a musket rifle.

22|52 The Big 10 (May 28, 2012-June 3, 2012)

Since last fall Keith and I have been working on our additional place at Lake Texoma.  This weekend was our first really big summer get together and it was with Keith’s best friend’s daughters and some of their friends.  There were 10 of them plus Keith and me.

Saturday morning there was threatening weather but, thankfully, it never came.  It turned out to be a beautiful day and I took lots and lots of photos of the everyone having fun at the lake.

Or, if you can’t get the embedded link use this one: 2012-06 Lake Texoma flickr set

After the group ate lunch, several of them took advantage of the time to enjoy another one of their pasttimes…reading a book.


Besides lots of water fun there were two interesting things that happened.

We saw a blue heron swoop down in the water and get a fish and then swallow it whole!  I captured the photo just before the heron turned the fish so that it went into his mouth head first.  You could see the shape of the fish as it moved down the heron’s long neck.  It happened so quickly and I was so surprised that I just stared and didn’t take a photo of it.


As we were idling on the lake, a plane was flying across the water just a bit over head and when he got closer he circled our boat and waved!  It was at that point that we realized it was an open cockpit.  I rapidly took a picture and, all things considered, it’s fairly decent.


Two people went home Saturday night then Sunday me and one other person stayed at the house while the remaining 7 enjoyed another day on the lake.

It was a great weekend and it was wonderful to have 2 places for this size group.  Here’s hoping they’ll be back.