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48|52 Enjoying the Moments (Nov 26-Dec 2, 2012)

My mother-in-law’s wedding day arrived.  It was an unusually beautiful and warm December day.  As my son and I prepared to enter her home, where the ceremony was taking place, we were both struck by the beauty of the sunset and stopped to enjoy it.


Leading up to the first of December I went shopping and, as is typical, I find things I don’t need but want.  One of those things was a new outfit for my cat.  He has a Santa outfit and I have photo of him in a borrowed reindeer outfit so when I found the elf outfit I thought it seemed a perfect addition to his wardrobe.  Purrkins may have a different opinion on the outfit.


344|365 Through the glass (12/14/11)

Tired.  In a word, that describes me today.


As I sat on the couch and stared into space this evening, I looked out the back door and saw the cool colors of sun setting.  This iPhone photo doesn’t do it justice but I’m too tired to do more with my camera.

227|365 A Full Day (8/19/11)


Our day started at 5:00 am when we woke up and headed to Lake Texoma. We spent the day on the lake boating, tubing and skiing with some friends and their teenage daughters. Keith always enjoys teaching others how to drive the boat and kids usually are thrilled to drive the boat. Today was no exception.

After a full day on the lake, we relaxed inside for a while then road the boat to a restaurant that is on the shoreline. By the time we finished dinner the sun was beginning to set and the temperature had dropped significantly. The beauty of the colors at that time of the evening are gorgeous.

81|365 As The Sun Sets (3/26/11)


Mom came to our house, we loaded up the cat and by 6:00am were headed to Norman to pick up my mother-in-law. Then we made our way to our place at Lake Texoma.

By 9:30 I got busy weeding all around the mobile home while Mom cleaned inside. We haven’t been here since September so the place needs some attention. I didn’t finish so I’ll have to complete the weeding tomorrow.

Keith spent a big chunk of the day trying to get the mower running but with no luck Then we learned that our washing machine isn’t working either. Oh well, that’s why we come early so we have time to prepare the place for summer.

This evening we enjoyed a nice meal at The Anchor Inn at Buncombe Creek marina. I walked on the dock and took a photo of the view with my iPhone. Since there’s no Internet I’ll have to use my cell phone to post.

The peaceful calm of the water and the sunset provide a beautiful image to close the day.

23|365 There Goes The Sun (1/27/11)


Looking west from my backyard, I watch as daylight is exhausted. (synonym: tired)