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33|2013 Bricks & Mortar (September 2 – 8, 2013)

Since the time we moved into our house, 21 years ago this month, Keith has wanted a brick mailbox. This weekend his good friend, who is an expect at bricklaying built us a mailbox. Below is the photo journal with Keith’s commentary.








Keith’s impression of a cat, supervising.


Checking the level on the way up. Notice the filler block inside.


The number goes up.


The blocks go in.


The blocks in place.


The blocks in place.


Setting the mailbox


First day’s work is complete.


Keith finally doing some effort.


Getting the angles.


Filing his nails.


Tucking the mortar.


Lining the cut.


Concentration is everything.


Nearly finished.




After 21 years of wanting a brick mailbox and a day and half of working in the hot weather, it is complete.

Sunday morning my Aunt Rusty died. I’m so very grateful we moved back to OKC and that I had the opportunity of getting to know her. We spent many hours visiting especially when I was in my 20’s and at a time I really needed it.


32|2013 A Piece of Cake and More (August 26 – September 1, 2013)

Wednesday evening after work Keith and I drove to our lake place for a 6 day vacation.  Our plans included scanning photos & painting.  Of the 700 photos I did get about 500 of them scanned!  Keith painted the south bedroom, which is the last room in the house with the dark wood paneling.


We love the new look!


Saturday was my birthday and we went to Catfish Platter with some friends and Keith made a delicious peach cobbler.  My Mom made a chocolate cake and I got to eat a piece of cake with my Mom and Dad on Sunday.  It was a weekend of many sweet things.

Sunday afternoon while Keith was out on the lake he loaned a life vest to a woman.  To express her appreciation she invited him to a cookout held annually called The Festival of the Testicle where they serve calf fries, as they are called here in Oklahoma.  Keith was thrilled to get an invitation so we went and met a whole bunch of really nice, friendly folks.


While there Keith got a special t-shirt to remember the event:


25|2013 In My Room (July 8 – 14, 2013)

Our bedroom wall had minor damage as a result of the May 20 tornado.  Now that the walls have been repaired, we selected a paint color (Seaside Sand) and Keith painted our room this weekend. We used the magic furniture sliders to easily move our very heavy furniture out of the way to paint.  You can see that our window is still broken from the tornado.  Thankfully, the glass was double paned and whatever crashed into it only made it completely through one pane.  Soon the windows will be replaced.

2013Jul13_0044aI do love to rearrange furniture but our king size bed has been in the same place in our room since we moved into this house in 1992 and I never really liked it but Keith wasn’t willing to help me try out various arrangements.  Once I realized how easily our furniture moved, I got graph paper and a tape measure out and began to figure out if we could arrange the room differently and still have adequate space to move around.   After a few minutes, I was pretty sure I figured out a better arrangement and was glad the furniture sliders would help us just in case the paper version of the arrangement looked better than in reality.

2013Jul15_0040Thankfully, I love it!  Now, I need to get some artwork for the wall and maybe a chair so I can watch TV more comfortably in the room.  Oh, and the curtains help hide the broken window for another week or so.

24|2013 Over the 4th (July 1 – 7, 2013)

We added a couple of days to our holiday to get 5 days off and my Dad joined us at our lake place.  Keith and some of his friends spent July 4th on the lake while my Dad and I stayed indoors and visited.  Over the remaining days we painted our front porch and replaced a few windows to help increase our energy efficiency.

Keith's pic

Keith’s pic

Last year, while touring Charleston, South Carolina, a tour guide said that it was common practice to paint the porch ceilings a sky blue because it helps keep the wasps away since they think it’s part of the sky and won’t build a nest there.  That is a southern tradition and while I find it hard to fully believe, we like blue and it’s worth a try.  (Interestingly, on the Sherwin-Williams site is a post on “The Whys Behind the Blue Porch Ceiling“)


Now that it’s all painted we love how the colors give a ‘tropical’ feel.  The sky blue color of the ceiling makes it feel so much cooler, cleaner and more open.  It always amazes how much impact fresh paint makes.

14|52 Pics of Week 14 (April 1-7, 2012)

A view of the front yard and the complete though not yet painted screened in porch at our lake place.


Purrkins doesn’t like going through the carwash even when he’s inside the vehicle (iPhone pic)
Spring is definitely arriving and our rose bush is full of wonderful smelling roses (iPhone pic).
Waiting for the train to pass…patience is not really one of my virtues (iPhone pic).
A nice view at the Pelican Landing restaurant overlooking Lake Texoma (iPhone pic).
To prepare to paint the concrete floor inside the front porch was quite laborious.  We had to scrape the glue and remaining indoor/outdoor carpeting, then sweep, clean, sweep, and clean.  We so hope this paint holds up well like Sherwin Williams promised.
There you have it!  A few pics from our week.

1|52 Week One

My 365 project ended earlier this week so yesterday I began Project 52 for 2012.

We went to our lake place and our son finished putting the screen in our newly framed front porch.  Meanwhile our cat worked at consistently positioning himself at a midpoint between where we all were at any given time.


327|365 And The Results Are In (11/27/11)

You may be curious to see the work Keith and I have been doing at our lake place.  So, I thought I’d share some of what we accomplished this week.


Keith got the framework installed all around the front porch so he can screen it in, add the door and finish the steps. His saw gave out last night so he didn’t get any more work done on it today.  We’ll have to paint the skirting but we haven’t decided on the color.


I really appreciate the new sink, faucet and sprayer.  When you have to wash the dishes by hand it really helps to have a nice sink.  The stove was in our home but we took it to the lake when we bought a new one. It works and we aren’t frightened that it will catch on fire like we were the other one. The kitchen looks pretty sparse right now because the countertop has to dry more since Keith applied another coat of the special countertop paint.


The dark paneling has been painted and the curtains have been made. Our furniture is mostly hand-me-downs but they are comfy and I still have to decorate.

Also, this week we had a huge root ball cut out of the sewer line and we had several leaks in our roof and have made arrangements to have a new roof installed soon.  All in all we feel good about the progress we made on the place this week.  We’re sore and exhausted.  It’s good to be home.

325|365 The Porch Light (11/25/11)


The front porch lights are on so you’re welcome to come and visit. Well, when Keith gets the porch all finished we hope that’s the message it sends.

Keith’s making great progress on screening in the front porch in between all the roof leaks and plumbing problems we keep having this week.

I got the kitchen cupboards all put back in order and painted primer on our new screen door. I had hoped to sew some curtains but I ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow.

320|365 A Counter Offer (11/20/11)


After planning it for a couple of months, Keith finally got to buy all the supplies to screen in the front porch. Along with those supplies he bought some special countertop coating they were offering. The kitchen counter here has chips in it and several places where the pattern is gone. Once we have the newly painted walls, cabinets and kitchen sink, the counter would really stand out. So, we’re giving this $20 option a try. The fumes are harsh and it has to cure for 3 days! Keith removed the beaten up olive green kitchen sink to paint the counter so I’m especially thankful for bathroom sinks.

The painting project is making progress but there is still a lot to do.

318|365 Unstoppable (11/18/11)


So tonight we arrived by 9:30ish and by 10:15 we were unpacked and Keith had the eccentric, old oven/stove removed (that’s not a microwave on top, it’s the oven). So project 1 is underway. I’m ready for bed but Keith is unstoppable in there tearing the frame out.