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208|365 All White (7/31/11)

This morning I had some asprin with my coffee for my headache, which was undoubtedly due to the work we did yesterday.  Once Keith was up and had some coffee, we went to Home Depot and bought supplies to paint Travis’ room.  It’s been several years since we painted it and the walls really needed some minor repair in a few places.  Hopefully, we have the extra paint to patch Kelsey’s walls after the minor repair.

While at Home Depot I dropped a gallon of white paint and the top busted off spilling paint.  I picked up the bucket and put my hands on my face wondering how in the world I managed to do that.  Of course, that meant that I put paint on my face!  If it had to happen better on the concrete floor there than on our carpet.  Home Depot was very nice about the whole thing.

Keith finished one coat of Kilz in Travis’ room today so tomorrow I’ll paint some more.  We’ve chosen Cottage White for the room, it’s the same color we used recently in the dining room.

I have a really nice rolltop desk that is in my ‘office’, which is in the garage.  Unfortunately, it will not make it through the doorways around the hallway into either one of the kids’ rooms.  So, I’m going to sell it but need a replacement desk.  With that in mind, today I bought an adjustable table with a formica top that is my new desk.  I’ve got to get it all set up but I think it will really help me by offering plenty of space for all my equipment and be more ergonomic for me.

It’s been a slow paced day for us.  We had a nice dinner at Zorba’s Mediterranean Cuisine then came home and took a much needed nap, which I rarely do.

I have the week off of work so I’m looking forward to getting the house in order.
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207|365 Exhausted (7/30/11)


I’m exhausted.  I woke up early (4:30) then everyone else was up by 7:15 when we began moving.  The u-haul was wonderful and clearly made the task much easier.

When we started unloading the u-haul the noon sirens were going off and we finished at 12:34!  But, that was by no means the end of the work.

Earlier in the day I realized, when we took the bedding off of Kelsey’s bed, that we no longer had the box springs and we only found 2 pieces of the bed frame.  Since Kelsey was no longer going to use underbed storage as her base, we needed to get those things to complete the bed.  Once we unloaded everything at their apartment, Keith went to a mattress store bought those items and brought them back.

By 4:00 Keith went home, Travis stayed at the apartment while the Cox guy installed the wireless router & modem and Kelsey & I were on our way to her ‘old place’ where we packed and moved all of her stuff.

Since Kelsey lives on the 3rd floor, we walked those stairs a lot (I heard the temperature today was 103). We completely filled our F-250 truck bed and the back portion of the extended cab area with her things. Had I really understood how much stuff she had we would have taken the u-haul and more help,

We made it back to the ‘new’ apartment by 7:30 pm or so and unloaded all of that.  Next, Travis, Kelsey and I went to the grocery store and bought the staples needed in a kitchen.  I was very thankful that the girls at Kelsey’s old place couldn’t or didn’t want to take the dry goods, so we got quite a bit of food that way.

I left Travis & Kelsey unpacking their groceries & things at about 9:45 pm.

When I got home, Keith had already taken the huge pile of items the kids no longer needed/wanted to Goodwill; given the underbed storage to our neighbors;  had vacuumed and steam cleaned both of the kids’ emtpy rooms; and spackled the walls in preparation for new paint.

Is it any wonder we are all exhausted?

206|365 Packing (7/29/11)

Today our kids started packing their things getting ready to move into an apartment tomorrow.  It’s a mess in our house right now and probably will be for a few days.


We went to Keith’s Mom’s where our kids got a few pieces of furniture that was their uncle’s, their great, great aunt’s and their grandma’s.  Tomorrow we’ll probably figure out if we’re missing anything.  For now, I’m really too tired.

205|365 For 100 Years (7/28/11)

Several years ago, while at an antique store, I bought this perpetual calendar that is good for 100 years, 1973-2072.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  Today, I’ve got it aligned on 2011 (but it’s behind that shadow of the ridge) then it’s lined up for July and you can see that Thursday is the 28th.


This week the digital photography school theme is time so I thought this was fitting.

Of note today: My brother and his wife learned from the ultrasound that they are having another boy!

204|365 Cool Pads (7/27/11)

Handmade hot pad holders!


A co-worker, who was born and raised in Germany, made these (3 pairs) using a pattern her mother taught her.  I love handmade, family tradition type of things.

203|365 The Last Project. I hope. (7/26/11)


These are some of the pieces of what I hope is the last of our refinishing projects.  It is the top and the drawers from another sewing machine cabinet that belonged to my mother-in-law’s mother.  Keith took the sewing machine out and disassembled the cabinet tonight.  That top has definitely seen better days.

202|365 Temporarily Flattened (7/25/11)

This weekend our kids move into an apartment.  In preparation for packing and moving, I got them a few stacks of free, flattened boxes today.


201|365 Satisfaction (7/24/11)


My morning began by opening yesterday’s mail, which included the family history from a Keithley cousin I’ve been expecting.  I made a cup of coffee and began reading it.  Soon Keith was awake and we carried the front door to the backyard where the morning shade was strong.

As Keith was preparing for his work, he discovered that we have two toads living in our backyard.  So, he turned the water faucet on to a slow drip and one of the toads loved it.  He got as close as possible and you could hear the water as it hit his body.  He continually moved to get all of his body wet and was mindful that I was watching him, actually take photos of him.

By mid morning the shade was gone in the backyard so Keith put up a canopy tent.  It was ridiculously hot out today, officially 104 but when I drove by a bank the sign said it was 108.  Keith took breaks regularly and had something cool to drink.  By late afternoon he had the door stripped, sanded, stained and hung back up until the next step in a few days.

I used our carpet steamer’s upholstery cleaning attachments to clean the chairs in our garage.  Oh my gosh, it was kind of scary to look at the water when I finished but I guess that means the equipment did a good job.

When I went out to water the flowers this evening I saw a baby toad trying to get into the spray of the water.  Then he saw a spider that was about the size of his head.  He turned his body and watched the spider for a couple of seconds and then super quickly, he lurched and got it!  I had to close my eyes.

I stained Cleopatra, the unknown chair, and decided to paint the inside of the pockets/drawers metallic gold.  It looks pretty cool.  When I started to paint the front inset gold the detail brush I have was shedding and made a mess.  I’ve got to figure out some other way to do that.

Keith and I get a great deal of satisfaction from accomplishing things.  I just couldn’t really decide on one photo today so I’m sharing several.

200|365 Knock, Knock (7/23/11)

Just when we thought the projects were almost done, another one comes knocking.  Keith remembered that our front door needs to be refinished.  I suppose when you see it every day you get so used to it that you just don’t ‘see’ the condition.


This afternoon Keith took the door down and stripped one side of it then he put the door back up.  Tomorrow he plans to strip the other side then sand and possibly stain the door.

I got the unknown purpose chair, which we’ve decided we’ll call “Cleopatra”, stained today.  Tomorrow, I’ll begin putting the polyurethane on it.

This evening we went to a wine school at a friend’s house.  Several folks came and each of us brought a red wine that cost between $15-$20 that we’d never tasted.  We sampled each one, taking care to examine, sniff and taste them.  I had a fun time and enjoyed the experience of sampling the wines and visiting.

199|365 Sticky Drawers (7/22/11)

The drawers for Travis’ nightstand were in dire need of repair so Keith put lots of carpenter’s glue on them.  One of the drawers only had 3 sides so Keith cut a new back piece for it.


Our garage is living space as well as a place we use as a workshop of sorts.  The old deep freezer makes a nice work table.