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365|365 Pulling The Plug (1/4/12)

My project of taking and posting a photo a day for three hundred sixty five consecutive days is finished with this post!  The project has been fun, educational, irritating and some days a burden.  I suppose you could use those same words to describe many things in our lives.  It was a good project to do and now I’m pulling the plug on it.

So you may wonder, what’s next?  I may try the Project 52 version. We’ll see. Tomorrow, I will enjoy the feeling of not having to take a photo.


349|365 Warmth Is Just A Throw Away (12/19/11)

It’s not really that cold tonight but maybe the dreary, rainy weather is contributing to my feeling cold. I covered up with one of my kids’ electric throws and set the control on high. Ahhhh it feels good.  Meanwhile, Purrkins is just staring at Keith who’s surfin’ the net.


345|365 Read Between The Lines (12/15/11)


What this photo says to me:

  • Each of the past 345 days I have taken and posted at least one photo toward this 365 project
  • My creativity is nonexistent today yet the project goes on
  • Today had a lot of lines with only a few filled in but maybe you can read between them
  • I’m ready for day 366!

336|365 A Rick (12/6/11)

Today, we had a rick of firewood delivered and stacked.  Almost the first thing I did when I got home was bring wood in and start a fire in the fireplace.  Now we’re ready for the colder weather.  Oklahoma cold, that is.


334|365 All The Trimmings (12/4/11)


A great team made up of my son, daughter, nephew and my daughter’s friend decorated our Christmas tree!  We listened to Christmas music while we visited and ate soup for dinner and hot chocolate and pumpkin pie for our dessert.  The pumpkin pie was a nice touch since we missed having that together at Thanksgiving.  It felt good to enjoy the laughter and family.

333|365 Kinda Nutty (12/3/11)


Three days into December we got our Christmas decorations down from the attic and I got our advent calendar up-to-date.  Several years ago I started collecting Christmas nutcrackers for no particular reason.  I especially like the curly hair hanging from the hat on this captain who comes complete with a ship’s wheel, telescope and sword.  It is made by the German Straco and I purchased it at Tuesday Morning.

315|365 Mugged (11/15/11)

How can I be so exhausted when I did nothing really to get this way? It’s bedtime somewhere and that’s what I’m taking as my justification to go to bed after posting this.


Keith is back home!  He brought me a Florida coffee mug with my name on it. Maybe that will help him know which cup is not his.

314|365 Glossy Leather (11/14/11)

Finally, all the items I bought at the garage sale in August to fix up are now done!  The small chest of drawers cost $5.00 and it looks better but it’s never going to be a center piece of furniture.  I chose a glossy leather enamel because it was the cheapest enamel in a reasonable color.  The original bright orange wood knobs are now a sparkly bronze.  Overall, I like it.  Now, I’ve got to decide where to put it.


Keith thoroughly enjoyed scuba diving today in Florida.  I’m so glad he had that opportunity and am thrilled he comes home tomorrow.

313|365 Repainted & Repurposed (11/13/11)

A few months ago, in August, I bought several things at garage sales. Among those items were the 2 chest of drawers that I refinished for my kids but I also bought a small chest of drawers and 2 old, heavy file cabinets.  Today, I finished updating the file cabinets.  I spray painted them brown and spray painted the handles a metalic bronze then I put wicker baskets in place of the bottom drawers.  Now, these are bedside tables in our spare bedroom but I may take them to our lake place.


Additionally today I did get the second coat of enamel on the small chest of drawers that I hope is the final coat.  Then only one more coat to put on the kitchen cabinets, which I will do tomorrow.  I’m very happy about all this and I’m sick of painting.

311|365 Repetition (11/11/11)

Cleaning the goo and grud from the cabinet door hinges seemed like a repetition that would never end.  Thankfully it did end and was mostly successful.  Although the hinges don’t all look that great, they all work well so we’re going to reuse them.


When I went to the store to buy fabric for some curtains I’m going to make for the lake they were having a Veteran’s Day sale.  So, I bought some muslin for $1.39 a yard instead of the regular price of $1.99 a yard.  I like it when I’m lucky with my timing and get things on sale.

Speaking about fabric, I wore my only corduroy piece of clothing today since it’s 11/11/11, aka Corduroy Appreciation Day.