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Deep Sleep


Our senior Siamese cat tucks his head in and hides much of his face.  Then he sleeps really deeply and sometimes you have to really shake him to get him to wake up.  It’s actually scary.

I’ve taken several pictures to practice what I’ve been learning in the photography class but they are pretty bad so I have limited choices to share this week.  I can share that I think you should be very thankful that I haven’t taken any photos of my mangled big toenail.  My toenail and a piece of furniture collided this weekend and the furniture won which resulted in my toenail being damaged enough that the doctor went ahead and took the nail off.  It will take about a year to grow back.


Now I lay me down to sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
if I die before I wake,
I pray for Lord my soul to take.

These days he falls into a deep sleep quickly and then has many kitty dreams.

Driving Around In My Automobile

Gathering all of our essential items to go down to our storm shelter when severe weather threatens has taken on a bit more of a priority for me since the May 20, 2013 tornado.  To help us more easily keep our cat safe when moving around during times like that, I bought a pet carrier several months ago.  Soon after that, on a trip to the lake, I decided that Purrkins needed to get used to the carrier so I placed him in it.  I was thinking it would be a fight to get him in there but, to my surprise, he loved it! In fact, when I left it unzipped he walked right in a laid down.

Now, when we drive to the lake we get the pet carrier out and he easily gets in.  We place him on the console between the driver and passenger side in the truck so he has a good view and he is very content.  Historically without using the pet carrier,  Purrkins would find a place to hide and stay there.  Perhaps inside the carrier he feels like he’s ‘hiding’.  Or, maybe he simply feels safe while his curiosity is running wild.

We drove to the lake last night with Purrkins in his pet carrier.  See how content he looks.  Maybe he’s humming an old song “driving  around in my automobile and feeling comfortable with no particular place to go.


6|2013 Ah, The Warmth! (March 3, 2013)

Most mornings his nose is facing the radiator heater.


3|2013 Did You Hear? (February 7, 2013)

Did you hear? #siamese #catlovers #ears

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Purrkins hears something! What could it be? Could it be Keith is coming home?