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4|52 Week 4 (Jan 22-28, 2012)

What happened this week other than the routines of going to work, tidying the house, paying bills and surfin’ the net?

The beer got bottled. The multi-step process requires having lots of clean bottles, bottle caps and other equipment and, in this case took about an hour.  In about a week the beer will be ready to drink.
Our kids moved out of the apartment they’ve been sharing for the past 6 months. Now our garage and my mother-in-law’s is full of boxes and furniture.  As you can see in the pictures, it was an gorgeous January day with the temperatures in the 50’s.


51|365 Ninety Nine Bottles Of Beer… (2/24/11)

At least 99 bottles, probably more, however the beer is gone.  These empty bottles will be replenished with home brewed beer.  Keith has the vast majority of his empty bottles neatly stacked in a cabinet. When you open that cabinet you see lots and lots of circles.
I don’t like beer but I wonder if the fact that I’ve been thinking about having to do our taxes is related to my thinking about beer. 98 bottles of beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, 97 bottles of beer on the wall.
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12|365 Brewing is Serious Business (1/16/11)

Keith gave our Siamese cat a bath this morning.  Surprisingly, he purrs through it, it’s afterwards when he’s wet and cold that he fusses.  I took some photos of that but the lighting wasn’t very good and I figured I’ve already shared a couple of pictures of Purrkins this week.  So, later when my husband and neighbor brewed beer, I captured parts of that process with my camera.
They’ve been doing this for many months and boy can this hobby be serious.  Our neighbor, who is an engineer, tracks in a notebook all the details and variations as they brew different beers.  Today’s is a Samuel Adams clone.