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34|52 The Time Has Comb (August 19 – 26, 2012)

Purrkins has come to expect Kelsey to play with him or bathe or comb him.  This week when she visited she combed him with the shedding blade (some call it a curry comb).  Eventually, she rolls all the excess fur into a ball for easier displosal.  Just how does he really feel about this? His expression reveals it all.


33|52 Up In The Air (August 13-19, 2012)

Sometimes the wind and wake combine perfectly so that the ski biscuit just pops people up and sometimes off.


I tried to capture some of that from the weekend, one is in focus and the other isn’t but I think you get the idea.  I took many, many more photos and it’s just too difficult to pick what to share here.

Everyone had a great time and no injuries other than some sore muscles.

32|52 In The Dark (August 6 – 13, 2012)

It was to be a relaxing weekend at our lake place.  And it was, with the exception of my odd schedule.  Saturday morning I read that the annual Perseid meteor showers would begin after 10:00 pm and that the best time to see them is in the pre-dawn time and I decided I wanted to watch this.

Between 10 & 11 pm Keith and I looked for the moon and meteors, we even went to the marina but didn’t see the moon or any shooting stars.  We did, however, see lots of interesting night time colors as people were taking their boats in for the day. Unfortunately, I did not have my tripod which made taking photographs at night a challenge.


I set my alarm clock for 3:00 am to get up and try to see the Perseid at that time.  Even though I was sleeping comfortably I got up and went to the front yard.  After a few minutes, I finally found the crescent moon hiding behind all the tops of the trees and then I saw some shooting stars!  I went back inside to let Keith know but he wasn’t interested in getting out of that wonderful bed (imagine that).

Determined to see something, I took a chair and sat in a big open space in our back yard for the next 2 hours watching the moon, jupiter, venus, the milky way and the perseids.  I found it quite peaceful and enjoyable.  As I expected, the photographs aren’t very good since I didn’t have my tripod to hold the camera steady but I had fun trying.


The moon was in line with and in between Jupiter and Venus on Saturday morning.


The crescent moon was quite clear in the rural area of Shay, OK.


I also went out about 4:30 am Monday morning and thought it was interesting to note that the moon was now much closer to Venus and the view of the moon was a bit brighter on the shadow side.


31|52 Community (July 30-August 5, 2012)

We’ve had our lake place at Shay and have kept our small community membership dues current for 16 years or so.  One benefit of that membership includes the use of the Shay Community Center for a nominal fee.


We’ve talked of renting the center for years and finally did this weekend for a group of folks that Keith works with along with their families.  It was really just perfect!  It has a great kitchen, 2 bathrooms, air conditioning, tables and chairs with plenty of space.

We started our Saturday on the lake and had groups in 2 boats and one group on the shore by a tree that provided much needed wonderful shade on the 113 degree day.


It was surprisingly comfortable out on the boats especially considering the temperature.  I think everyone had a fun time.


On the way home Sunday we stopped at Purcell, OK where we bought a used power water washer.  As I was waiting in the shade while Keith examined the power washer, a horny toad caught my eye.  I was so excited and immediately exclaimed to all who could hear “It’s a horny toad!”  I loved playing with these gentle but mean looking lizards and haven’t seen one since I was a kid probably when we lived in Texas & Oklahoma.  This horny lizard sat very still as though he knew he was the model for my photoshoot.


The owner of the property there in Purcell says they are all over his place and his grandson plays with them all the time.  I was surprised because I know that the horny toad is a threatened species.  The Texas Horned Lizard Watch website is interesting and includes a video about how the Texas Parks & Wildlife department is studying the little lizards. Anyone can join the community of horned lizard watchers to help this threatened species.