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47|365 Pagoda & Dragon (2/20/11)

On display in our living room is a wood carved chest that my husband’s grandfather sent home to his children when he was in China as a Merchant Marine. This is a view of one portion of the top of the chest.  It has carvings all over the front as well as each of the four sides. Inside it is lined with either cedar or sandlewood so when you open it you get a nice whiff of the wood.  Inside it says:

Golden Dragon Co.
Wood Carved Factory
Chest Factory Goods
Furniture Etc
Broadway Shanghai

Of note today:  Keith cooked a nice meal and spent some time repairing one of our toilets again (always a fun way to spend an afternoon and I appreciate it very, very much).  I worked on transcribing another old letter and then wrote about it this post, Mineola, Trains and Albid, for my other blog.


25|365 Look into the Mirror (1/29/11)

I played with my new camera today and Keith bought an Argus 75, produced between 1958 & 1964, for his vintage camera collection.  His camera is a twin lens reflex (TLR), which is a type of camera with two lenses. One takes the picture while the other is a viewfinder that has a 45-degree mirror (hence the word reflex).

Combining today’s efforts, here is a photo using my new camera, of the old, retired camera.  Does ‘retire’ count toward the ‘tired’ theme?  It does for me.


Now, I realize the project 365 is about posting only one photo a day but I think the viewfinder photo needs to accompany the photo of the camera because it helps you understand this type of camera.  Looking through the viewfinder, you can see what the image would be if we had film in the camera to take a picture.  Plus, you get to see the exquisite interior design of our garage.

Also of note: I think the temperature got up to 73 or so today, which is crazy for January in Oklahoma but don’t worry a winter storm is on its way.  I enjoyed being outside taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine, temperatures, learning my new camera and spending time with my Mom.  While Keith was out today he also bought some accessories for my new camera.

17|365 Pieces of Time (1/21/11)

For as long as I can remember my maternal grandmother wore a watch with an elastic type wristband.

When I was about 7 or 8 years old she went to the hall closet where lots of old, special things were and showed me a watch that I thought was beautiful and delicate.  It had a butterfly-like wristband and the face had a small diamond on each of the corners of the face.  She told me that when I was older, it would be mine.  I never forgot her promise and asked her about over the years.

Finally, when I was about 13 years old she told me I was old enough to have the watch.  We went to a store where she told me to pick out a new wristband.  I didn’t want a new band because the original was so pretty but she told me it was broken and that an elastic band would keep the watch more secure.  Although I didn’t want an elastic wristband, I really liked the watch so I thought one day I’d replace it with a delicate band.  It would be nice if we had the original but I have no idea what happened to it.


Over the years somehow I ended up with five of Grammy’s old watches and one of my mother’s. In the photo here, the middle watch is that special watch Grammy promised me.  The one on the right has an interesting lens divided into quadrants that comes to a point in the middle and was Grammy’s.  The watch on the left was given to my mother by her father and she wore it for years and years replacing the band many times.  At my house we have a wall of clocks and watches that serves as artwork as well as a display of heirlooms, these watches are three of those up close.  Over at Time for Bling read about our 1885 pocketwatch heirloom.

I took several photos using the macro at several angles.  I prefer this photo overall, but wish the reflection at 12:00 on the middle watch wasn’t there.