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Water’s Edge

Oklahoma has more than 200 lakes created by dams, which is more than any other state in the United States.  So, we have plenty of lakes to choose from and this weekend we went to Lake Murray with my Dad and step mother.  Our campsites were very close to the water’s edge and here you can see their trailer is in the foreground and ours is in the background.


This was our first camping together and I hope we have many more opportunities.  2016-05-13-08

Saturday morning was very windy and chilly so we stayed inside and played cards most of the morning but by late afternoon it was a nice day.


The sunset was gorgeous!


Mother’s Day weekend

For the second weekend in a row we went camping near Stillwater but this time we stayed at Lake Carl Blackwell, which was quite pretty.  My mother’s day weekend included time with my kids, receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers and special dark chocolate candy.  My daughter and I worked on her flowerbed, it’s her first one ever.


That evening we had a nice meal and played dominoes as we watched the sunset.



photo by Keith

Breezy and Cool

For our first away from home camping in our RV we went to Lake McMurtry, which is near Stillwater where our daughter lives.  2016-04-30-10

We had a very shady campsite and Saturday, Keith and I enjoyed basking in the sun with a gentle cool breeze.


On our drive into town there we several turkeys and I managed to snap a pic of one darting across the road.


Note: The same day we bought our RV my brother and sister-in-law shared that they are expecting a baby girl in September!