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116|365 It’s In The Bank (4/30/11)

After having a cup of coffee at my brother-in-law’s house, Keith and I headed out for a day trip.  We ate lunch in Ardmore then we shopped in an antique store where Keith bought another old camera.  After that, we drove over to Tishomingo and toured the Historical Society Museum that is in the old Bank of the Chickasaw Nation.  We had the ‘nickel tour’ and then were left alone to tour the small museum, which includes items from the old bank and other donated items from residents such as equipment from a US Post Office, dentist, eye doctor, funeral home, etc.  After touring the museum we drove through the National Wildlife Refuge in Tishomingo.
Next we drove to the WinStar World Casino located near the Oklahoma/Texas border and played a couple of the slot machines.  The size of that casino is amazing and business is booming especially with Texans.  Soon we were on our way back to Oklahoma City and we stopped at the lookout point just north of Ardmore and took a few photos of the scenery.

It was a good day!  More of my photos are on flikr and perhaps I’ll upload some of Keith’s later.

115|365 The Viewfinder (4/29/11)


Carrying my camera while walking around I encourage myself to notice my surroundings by thinking “I spy with my little eye”.  Then I look through my camera’s viewfinder, choose the settings, compose & click!

114|365 Construction Calisthenics (4/28/11)

From the second floor and higher in my parking garage, I get to see a small glimpse into the Devon construction zone. The construction workers gather each morning about 7:00 am, have a discussion and do some warm up exercises & stretching with their vests and helmets on.  Yesterday, their arms were moving above their heads in sync as they were doing an exercise.  I never really thought about them warming up but it makes sense.
The photo isn’t very great since it’s through a dirty window and the zoom on the iPhone doesn’t capture what my eyes see very easily.

The building has certainly ‘grown’ since my January photo — Sooner Tall

113|365 Ahhh! Chocolate At Last (4/27/11)


Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits. – Baron Justus von Liebig (1803-1873), German chemist

I’ve been craving dark chocolate since Sunday and today I gave in.

Did you know there are professional chocolate tasters? Here’s a website that gives advice on How to Taste and Appreciate Chocolate like a professional.  Then, there’s this video on how to taste chocolate.  I don’t need any guidance on enjoying or tasting chocolate.

112|365 Pine Catkins (4/26/11)


The Digital Photography School theme this week is trees so I went to my front yard and took pictures of cute, little, baby pine cones.  Turns out these are male pine cones.

Pine trees possess both male and female reproductive structures, or cones. Both male and female cones are on the same tree. …The male cones, also known as catkins, are present only during the spring of the year when they are producing pollen. They do not look like the pine cones many are familiar with, but are long thin structures that are soft and located in clusters on the branches.  (Source: How Do Pine Trees Reproduce?)

I had no idea.


111|365 Light Finds A Way (4/25/11)


No matter how small the opening, light is present in between the autumn blaze maple leaves in our backyard.

Trees, the Digital Photography School theme this week.

110|365 Singing in the…Hail? (4/24/11)

This Easter it has rained all day.  In between times when it was raining I took some cool photos this morning of the pretty green leaves with water drops on them.  But then, later, when it hailed all those photos had to take a back seat to one of Keith.  When he saw that I was going to take a photo of the hail, he instantly grabbed an umbrella, went outside and stood in the middle of the hail and posed for the camera.   There are a couple of other photos of him being silly that I like better than this one but he didn’t want me to post any of them.


Travis came home this afternoon so he and I visited and then we watched several episodes of Fringe. While I was not very productive this weekend, it was great to be able to spend time with both of my children.

109|365 On The Fringe Of Intensity (4/23/11)

As I type this I’m sipping on a glass of nice Blueberry Wine that Keith brought home from his trip to Arkansas this week.


Earlier today Kelsey was home while she waited for the Firestone store to put new tires on her car.  While she was here, I practiced setting a custom white balance on my camera and took photos of Keith, Kelsey and Purrkins watching Fringe (I’m very behind on those so I tried to not pay attention). The show has some pretty intense moments that are evident by the expressions on Kelsey’s and Keith’s faces.  It was intense enough at one point that even the cat jumped and was a blur in one of the photos.

There is a large fan base for Fringe and tons of quotes from the characters such as Walter, who is the archetypal scientist.  Here’s a Walter Bishop quote: “We’re all victims of our own gene pool, somebody peed in yours.”

108|365 Ornery or Elegant (4/22/11)

My vintage figurines with whiskers and furry, gold trimmed collars seem so elegant with their prim and proper feline stances.  They both have their original Brinn’s of Pittsburg, PA red and gold foil label and are about 6 1/2″ h x 2 1/2″ w.


They cause me to think of the song ‘We are Siamese’ from Lady and the Tramp.  I suppose if these figurines could come alive they’d be ornery like the ones in the song.

107|365 The Back Alley (4/21/11)


With all the electrical poles surrounding us it created an effect of archways over the alley.  This back alley (behind Coach’s Brewery in Norman) was the scene for a portion of our photography class tonight.  Each of the class members took turns being a model while the others practiced using a custom white balance.  I got some nice photos of the ‘models’ but no one wanted their photo published.  Everyone in my group really thought it was a great class.