Monthly Archives: September 2014

Quarter of a Century

We met at a Halloween party and this year we spent some time on our anniversary shopping for a costume for a Halloween party we’re planning on attending this year.  Our cat was not nearly as thrilled as we were.


September 23, 2014, our 25th wedding anniversary

To commemorate our 25th anniversary I combed through all of our photos and choose just about every one that had both of us or one or both of us with one or both of our kids.  The printed book will be arriving soon and I sure hope I like it.

All’s Fair

The digital photography class my Dad and I are taking took a field trip to the Oklahoma State Fair on September 17.  We got there at dusk and stayed until dark. There certainly was a lot of variation of light, color and action.  Some pics…







Isn’t that a lick!

The blanket was thrown over him and rapidly lifted up.  Here’s Purrkins’ expression.


In The Swing

My Dad and are taking a photography class together and it started this week so be prepared for more pictures as I learn.

20140906_0008As I sat in the swing at the lake, I looked up.  Guess I’ll be getting ‘in the swing’ of things soon…I hope.