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A Summer Weekend

Noble, Oklahoma has a restaurant that is known for its great chicken fried steak and that is where my brother and I took our Dad for lunch the day before Father’s Day.  Afterwards we visited the Noble cemetery and paid our respects to Mom and others.  It was the first time that David got to see our Mom’s headstone since it was set; it now has lots of grass growing all around it.  Mom’s 75th birthday was Monday; our first without her.

Looking north toward Noble.

Looking north toward Noble (Mom’s headstone is quite a bit behind me in this pic)

The next day was Father’s day and was a trip to visit my daughter and have lunch.  It was a perfect opportunity for a family photo using my remote control.  Here’s a selfie making sure the focus was set.

Freeze frame

Freeze frame


Re-filling my cup


A souvenir cup from a genealogy trip Mom and I took a few years ago.  Everytime I use it, I recall the wonderful time we had together.

The week of June 7-12 I took another genealogy trip…without Mom.  I attended the week long class as part of the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.  It was an important event for me for several reasons including personal development, of course, and to get myself ‘back on that horse’ of doing genealogy research without my Mom’s help and company.  She would have loved being there and learning.  It was a great week and now I’ve got to apply pieces I learned.

My lunch spot one day during my week on Samford's campus.

My lunch spot one day during my week on Samford’s campus.