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Full Frame

My Dad got a cool new toy today.  A full frame camera!


Notice the extra pairs of legs under the chair? My cat was supervising…as usual.

Also today my Mom’s headstone arrived at the monument company where I ordered it so I went to view it and it looks just as my brother and I requested.  The company hopes the ground will dry out enough to install it by the end of next week.

It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve shared anything on this blog.  In some ways that’s because I’m too exhausted from my work to do anything else but I know it’s also because my Mom isn’t here to comment and share with me.  I suppose in some illogical way I think that by not doing my genealogy research or not taking and sharing my photos that I can keep my sadness suppressed.  But enough of that.

What has been happening?  Over the past few months we’ve had some snow days; Keith installed fabulous pullout basket-type drawers in our kitchen; celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday; finalized more of Mom’s affairs; completed the extremely fun income tax return; finished 3/4 of an online genealogy class; got accepted in a week long genealogy class that I’ll take this summer; escaped another tornado; ordered a new dishwasher; a company finally started building a new house on the lot just south of us (the previous house was destroyed in the May 20, 2013 tornado); and lots of every day things.

There, a full frame view.


Principles and Elements

After hearing definitions of the elements of art (space, shape, form, value, line, color) and some principles of  art (movement, unity, harmony, variety, balance, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, proportion, and pattern),  each of us set out walking around the building for a few minutes to find examples and take a photo.  Here are a couple of the ones I took:



All’s Fair

The digital photography class my Dad and I are taking took a field trip to the Oklahoma State Fair on September 17.  We got there at dusk and stayed until dark. There certainly was a lot of variation of light, color and action.  Some pics…







In The Swing

My Dad and are taking a photography class together and it started this week so be prepared for more pictures as I learn.

20140906_0008As I sat in the swing at the lake, I looked up.  Guess I’ll be getting ‘in the swing’ of things soon…I hope.



Independence Day

After a wonderful meal and dessert that included black berry cobbler with home made vanilla ice cream (Thomas Jefferson’s ice cream recipe), we enjoyed conversation with friends and lots of fireworks.





On Stage

One flower standing taller than the rest in this pot on our back porch reminds me of a ballerina gracefully posed on stage.


Our Backyard

Peter is in our back yard.





The Sky’s the Limit

While in Vegas for the library convention I took the time to walk through Caesar’s Place, the hotel where I stayed.  It is grand in many ways.


A view of one of the towers at Caesar’s Place.


The 7-minute Fall of Atlantis reenacted with animatronics, water, fog, and fire is free to watch in the Forum Shop at Caesar’s Palace.


Inside the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace.

As with everything there is a limit.  In this case perhaps the painted sky is the limit.