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34|365 Here’s To Health (2/7/11)

Some of us at work are participting in a Wellness Works program that focuses on balancing physical, nutritional and mindful moves.  Among my nutritional moves this week is to increase my daily water intake.

As I poured myself a glass of water, I decided to take a photo using a fast shutter speed.


This water wasn’t dripping from the kitchen faucet, it was gently streaming.  The stop action of the fast shutter speed captured what I could not see.


19|365 Comfortably Numb (1/23/11)

I took photos of several different things today and gained some new understanding of light and aperture. Unfortunately in the process, I scratched my lens (grrrr).


The temperature this afternoon was 33 degrees with the sun shining beautifully so I took advantage of that light.  Our spreader-bar style hammock offered some interesting texture and shapes to me. The worn wood of the spreader-bar, which is that piece of wood at the head and foot of the hammock with the rope pulled through, piqued my interest.

18|365 Inquisitiveness (1/22/11)

Today is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.  As Keith got up to answer the door, the expression on Purrkins’ face was inquistive.  Who’s there, he asked?  This photo captures the moment when he knew the answer to his question, it was our neighbor.


I have two macro options, one is more up close than the other.  In order to actually get all of Purrkins’ face I had to use the one a bit further away.

Of note today:  Keith was enjoying his new (and very sharp) knife slicing carrots for the stew, when he sliced through his fingernail.  Nothing too bad, no need for a doctor.  Kelsey’s not feeling well, it sounds like it might be the flu.

17|365 Pieces of Time (1/21/11)

For as long as I can remember my maternal grandmother wore a watch with an elastic type wristband.

When I was about 7 or 8 years old she went to the hall closet where lots of old, special things were and showed me a watch that I thought was beautiful and delicate.  It had a butterfly-like wristband and the face had a small diamond on each of the corners of the face.  She told me that when I was older, it would be mine.  I never forgot her promise and asked her about over the years.

Finally, when I was about 13 years old she told me I was old enough to have the watch.  We went to a store where she told me to pick out a new wristband.  I didn’t want a new band because the original was so pretty but she told me it was broken and that an elastic band would keep the watch more secure.  Although I didn’t want an elastic wristband, I really liked the watch so I thought one day I’d replace it with a delicate band.  It would be nice if we had the original but I have no idea what happened to it.


Over the years somehow I ended up with five of Grammy’s old watches and one of my mother’s. In the photo here, the middle watch is that special watch Grammy promised me.  The one on the right has an interesting lens divided into quadrants that comes to a point in the middle and was Grammy’s.  The watch on the left was given to my mother by her father and she wore it for years and years replacing the band many times.  At my house we have a wall of clocks and watches that serves as artwork as well as a display of heirlooms, these watches are three of those up close.  Over at Time for Bling read about our 1885 pocketwatch heirloom.

I took several photos using the macro at several angles.  I prefer this photo overall, but wish the reflection at 12:00 on the middle watch wasn’t there.

16|365 Berry Berry Close (1/20/11)

I didn’t have to be at work until 11:00 due to inclement weather (ice and a bit of snow on the roads).  Consequently, I had time this morning to take some photos of the natural beauty in my yard.  Factoring in the windchill, it felt like 6 degrees outside so I bundled up with my heaviest leather coat, hood and gloves before going outside.  Then, also armed with my camera and tripod, I braved the elements hunting for something of interest to photograph using the macro function.


The shapes and colors of my nandina domestica, commonly known as Heavenly Bamboo, grabbed my attention.  Still only about 8:00 am, the sun was hiding behind all the overcast and coldness so the lighting in the image is soft.  I partcularly like the red berries, the one delicately curled leaf and the white of the ice and snow.

Why is it that short days at work seem longer than regular days?  Oh well, it was refreshing to begin my day with such awesome beauty.

15|365 The Straws Have It (1/19/11)

As a kid I thought bendable straws were cool but I don’t think they were a common item in our house.  I recall using them more often when I was sick.  Undoubtedly Mom employed any tactic to get me to drink more liquids.  Somehow even today drinking from a flexible straw makes me feel happier.

With our kids, I tried to keep straws on hand for anytime use. These days my ‘kids’ are in college and we have these flexible straws needing attention. So I thought, what better use than to practice my macro photography on these colorful straws with their concertina-type hinge.


I keep the straws in a glass pull-up dispenser, which created some interesting distortions in the photo.  I found it somewhat challenging to get the image focused through the glass and get appropriate lighting.  Invented in 1937 here is “The Straight Truth About the Flexible Drinking Straw”.

14|365 Give Me a “B” (1/18/11)

I got this wine bottle stopper for Keith as a stocking stuffer this past Christmas.  Only using the macro can you see the defect in the letter, dust and even fingerprints!  Amazing what you see up close like this.


It’s been a day that I’d like to end with a nice glass of wine and a bubble bath.

13|365 Pages of Our Ancestors, Up Close (1/17/11)

This week’s Digital Photography School theme is macro.  Since today was a holiday for me I had time to play around with my digital point and shoot camera, which has a macro function.  I’ve used the macro before but not often enough to really get the hang of it.  For today’s photo, I used an external flash and was able to get enough light to capture a good balance, I think.
The photo is of three heirloom books we have in our home that were my husband’s ancestors. Specifically:

  1. The top one is Psalms and Hymns adapted to Social, Private, and Public Worship in the Presybyerian Church published in 1843 by the Presybterian Board of Publication.
  2. The middle one is The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ published in 1882 by the American Bible Society.  This one was my husband’s great, great grandmother’s and you can read about the original owner on my post entitled A Clear Testament on my other blog.
  3. The bottom one is Favorite Songs and Hymns A Complete Church Hymnal published in 1939 by Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Co., Inc.

Two things of note today.  I finished putting together a second old family album (whew, it’s a lot of work) and I had a nice, though short, visit with my son.  I love seeing him and getting those special hugs.  I thought about taking pictures of him but didn’t think he’d appreciate the upclose that would be required for the macro.  I thought a safer choice for my amatuer status were inanimate objects.

Let me know what you think of the photo composition or if you have some suggestions to help me improve.