Monthly Archives: February 2012

9|52 This Little Piggy


Keith brought this bag of pork rinds home today and they reminded me of the first time I ever had any.  I was 6 years old and my Grammy’s new husband bought some and shared them with me.  He told me it was pig skin and I was fearful of trying them but I did and liked them.  While I do like them, I don’t ever buy them and whenever I see them I remember Roy Billings.

9|52 It’s a beautiful morning, Wk 9 (Feb 26-Mar 3, 2012)


8|52 Around, Week 8 (Feb 19-25, 2012)


It’s been a typical week. We met Kelsey at the tag agency to finalize transferring the car titles to our kids yesterday and then Keith and I ate a good breakfast at a place called Around The Corner.  As you can see the place was full of people and the walls were loaded with lots of stuff.  They really like all things about chickens and roosters and I bet dusting is fun there.

7|52 My Sweetheart, Week 7


When I got home from work Keith was in the kitchen preparing this Valentine dinner for us. We used our wedding Champagne glasses that are now 22 years old and in perfect condition. He teased me for taking pictures with my iPhone rather than my Canon EOS Rebel. He’s right but we were ready to eat and I wanted to play with the Diptic and Phonto apps on my phone.

7|52 A Little Snow, Week 7 (Feb 12-18, 2012)


It snowed a little through the night and these are a few views just outside my patio door today. I see 2 eyes, nose and hair in the bottom right photo, do you see it?

All taken with my iPhone.

6|52 Week 6 (Feb 5 – Feb 11, 2012)

Sunday, we ate Keith’s fab nachos and watched the 46th Super Bowl.


I played with an Phone app called Diptic this week and one day, as I waited in the doctor’s office, I snapped several photos and combined them. This app is pretty cool, it allows you to chose several photos and put them together in various templates.


Of note: Yesterday I got to visit with a distant Keithley cousin who I met online several years ago. He and his wife were traveling back home to Canada and stopped to visit on their way.  We shared family photos and enjoyed our visit.

5|52 Birthdays Galore (Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2012)

We celebrated our kids’ 20th birthday on Tuesday! The kids came over and we went out to Jamil’s Steakhouse for a delicious dinner and then came home.  I made the requested Hello Dolly bars and we put candles on top for Travis and Kelsey to make their wishes.


Yesterday I attended another birthday celebration for a cousin who will soon turn 9 years old! I got to take a few photos of her and her brother.


Sometimes I take photos with my iPhone and don’t publish them here or on Facebook so for those who don’t have or are unable to use you can also follow my instagram photos on the web: