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Wild West in Pawnee

When we heard about the Pawnee Bill Original Wild West Show happening this weekend at the Pawnee Bill Ranch we decided to take our RV to Pawnee Lake for the weekend and see the show.  There was plenty to see and do for 2 days was a wonderful experience.

2016-06-10 004

From the observation tower

2016-06-10 015

2016-06-10 026

Pawnee Bathhouse and Waterpark

A few pictures from the Pawnee Bill Original Wild West Show.  We had seats that were close enough to be hit by the clods of dirt during the chariot racing.

2016-06-10 2047072016-06-10 2127102016-06-10 2131442016-06-10 214528

2016-06-10 214759

The show ended with fireworks.

The next day we enjoyed time at our campsite looking at the lake with a friendly dog.

2016-06-11 191808


Chores and Diversions

Recently I bought an 84″ solid wood bookcase and spent time unpacking boxes of my mother’s journals, memorabilia and research as well as similar items from my dad. My reason for doing this is so that I can more easily see and access these materials as I continue to archive, index and etc for better accessibility. In the closet is much, much more that is almost completely processed.

The ivy was a plant we received for Mom’s memorial service and I’m happy it’s still thriving. The butterflies were in the flowers my son gave me for mother’s day.

The book cover puzzle is Travis’ to enjoy while he recuperates from his shoulder surgery yet it has become my latest diversion.  Meanwhile the items on display in my new bookcase remain a chore to be completed.


47|2013 It was a Humdinger (December 9 – 15, 2013)

For weeks I’ve been waiting for our trip to see the Chickasha Festival of Lights.  Finally Saturday evening the chauffeur arrived at our house with the Hummer limo we rented for the evening and drove 18 of my family and friends to enjoy the Christmas lights.

Someone in our group snapped this photo.

Someone in our group snapped this photo.

You may think that a limo would be roomy.  I suppose it all depends on how many folks are in it and with 18 people the leg room is limited even for those of us with short legs.  Still, it was a fun way to spend time with family and friends.


Once we got to our destination we oohed and awed over the lights in the crisp, night air.  Then we loaded back into the limo and when we got back home we had some comforting, homemade hot chocolate thanks to my husband.





The bridge


47|52 Counting Our Blessings (Nov 19-25, 2012)

With four consecutive days off from work, we enjoyed several occasions with family.  The first was Thanksgiving Day.


All of us were able to snuggly fit around our expandable dining table and serve ourselves family style rather than our historical buffet style.  I clicked the button to take this photo just seconds before Mom began our prayer, in which she expressed appreciation for every window we have been given to have shared time with loved ones and that we cherish each of those memories whether that amount of time was large or small.  It was one year ago today that my brother’s baby son Zane died.

After our satisfying meal and the cleanup, several of us played some card games and laughed until it nearly hurt.  Laughter can be so healing.


Friday I began the preparations for putting up our Christmas decorations in anticipation of Sunday when our kids will come over to help.

Saturday included a few hours with my mother-in-law making some arrangements for the food and other details for her wedding next Saturday.

Sunday morning Keith suggested that we get new Christmas ornaments in an attempt to having a tree decorated in a theme with nice ornaments.  So, we went shopping and agreed on some new ornaments.  Later we had a nice meal, decorated the tree and played a board game with Travis, Kelsey and Scotty (Kelsey’s boyfriend).  Of course when we got the Christmas decorations out Kelsey and Travis found the kitty Santa outfit and, as you might expect, Purrkins was absolutley thrilled with it.  The eyes say it all.


33|52 Up In The Air (August 13-19, 2012)

Sometimes the wind and wake combine perfectly so that the ski biscuit just pops people up and sometimes off.


I tried to capture some of that from the weekend, one is in focus and the other isn’t but I think you get the idea.  I took many, many more photos and it’s just too difficult to pick what to share here.

Everyone had a great time and no injuries other than some sore muscles.

31|52 Community (July 30-August 5, 2012)

We’ve had our lake place at Shay and have kept our small community membership dues current for 16 years or so.  One benefit of that membership includes the use of the Shay Community Center for a nominal fee.


We’ve talked of renting the center for years and finally did this weekend for a group of folks that Keith works with along with their families.  It was really just perfect!  It has a great kitchen, 2 bathrooms, air conditioning, tables and chairs with plenty of space.

We started our Saturday on the lake and had groups in 2 boats and one group on the shore by a tree that provided much needed wonderful shade on the 113 degree day.


It was surprisingly comfortable out on the boats especially considering the temperature.  I think everyone had a fun time.


On the way home Sunday we stopped at Purcell, OK where we bought a used power water washer.  As I was waiting in the shade while Keith examined the power washer, a horny toad caught my eye.  I was so excited and immediately exclaimed to all who could hear “It’s a horny toad!”  I loved playing with these gentle but mean looking lizards and haven’t seen one since I was a kid probably when we lived in Texas & Oklahoma.  This horny lizard sat very still as though he knew he was the model for my photoshoot.


The owner of the property there in Purcell says they are all over his place and his grandson plays with them all the time.  I was surprised because I know that the horny toad is a threatened species.  The Texas Horned Lizard Watch website is interesting and includes a video about how the Texas Parks & Wildlife department is studying the little lizards. Anyone can join the community of horned lizard watchers to help this threatened species.

30|52 Laughing with Cousins (July 23-29, 2012)

It’s always amazing that we can live so close to family and somehow rarely get together.  Saturday, when 2 cousins were in town, a group of us finally got together.  We’ve been talking about getting together for some time and it finally happened.  I had a wonderful time and sure hope there will be a next time.

There are other photos of our evening that others took of the whole group but this is one I took.  It just makes me smile.


Our common ancestors: Jacob and Eva.


28|52 Family Reunion (July 9-15, 2012)

Keith’s cousin Kenny, his wife and sons visited us at the lake and we loved helping them learn to ski and use the ski biscuit and I took tons of photos.  At one point when I was taking the photos, I kept feeling like eyes were staring at me and I finally figured out what it was.  Here was what I was seeing in my viewfinder:


Those upside down hand signals nearest the top of the screen look like eyes!

On the other side of those eyes was a family of 5 enjoying boating at the lake.


We had hoped there would be a larger turnout for the family reunion.  It was great with this group and we would love it if the next time more are able to join us.

27|52 Showers (July 2 – 8, 2012)

It’s always so nice to have an extra day off and this week, that was Independence Day.  Kelsey found a recipe on pinterest that she wanted to make and we were going to make it together but she wasn’t feeling well enough to visit so I made the Banana Bread Bars with Brown Butter Frosting.

After dinner with friends, on July 4, we visited until we heard the fireworks and went outside to their front yard where we had a good view of the fireworks from a nearby park.  I think these photos are pretty representative of the fireworks showers what we saw.


We opted to not go to the lake this weekend instead Keith and I bought tickets to sit in the Director’s Suite at the local Warren Movie Theatre and enjoyed The Amazing Spiderman.  The chairs are recliners that heat up and the staff bring you food to eat during the show.  The movie kept me squirming as I was always trying to help Peter (aka Spiderman).

Not too long after we got home from the movie, Keith came in from the front yard and told me to get my camera and come outside because there was a photo opp.  I did.  One of the water pipes behind us busted and the water shower was shooting up into the sky fast and high.  It was impressive and left a good sized hole in the neighbor’s yard.


22|52 The Big 10 (May 28, 2012-June 3, 2012)

Since last fall Keith and I have been working on our additional place at Lake Texoma.  This weekend was our first really big summer get together and it was with Keith’s best friend’s daughters and some of their friends.  There were 10 of them plus Keith and me.

Saturday morning there was threatening weather but, thankfully, it never came.  It turned out to be a beautiful day and I took lots and lots of photos of the everyone having fun at the lake.

Or, if you can’t get the embedded link use this one: 2012-06 Lake Texoma flickr set

After the group ate lunch, several of them took advantage of the time to enjoy another one of their pasttimes…reading a book.


Besides lots of water fun there were two interesting things that happened.

We saw a blue heron swoop down in the water and get a fish and then swallow it whole!  I captured the photo just before the heron turned the fish so that it went into his mouth head first.  You could see the shape of the fish as it moved down the heron’s long neck.  It happened so quickly and I was so surprised that I just stared and didn’t take a photo of it.


As we were idling on the lake, a plane was flying across the water just a bit over head and when he got closer he circled our boat and waved!  It was at that point that we realized it was an open cockpit.  I rapidly took a picture and, all things considered, it’s fairly decent.


Two people went home Saturday night then Sunday me and one other person stayed at the house while the remaining 7 enjoyed another day on the lake.

It was a great weekend and it was wonderful to have 2 places for this size group.  Here’s hoping they’ll be back.