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17|52 It’s A Story of a Lovely Shed… (April 22-28, 2012)

Wednesday I got to spend a portion of my afternoon with my great, great grandfather Keithley’s great grandson and his great, great, granddaughter!  It’s all about seredipity sometimes.  I suspect my great, great grandfather never imagined that his descendants would meet for the first time 101 years after his death.  I love to think that my descendants would do that!

Keith and I took Friday off and went to our lake place and continued our work there.  I started by doing some yard work and barely noticed a snake that seemed to blend quite well among the leaves.  I told Keith about it and he asked me if I killed it.  I said I didn’t know if it was a bad kind or not.  He said if it was moving it was the bad kind and he killed it.  We know there are more around there so we just have to be aware as we reach for things.


One of the next projects we decided to tackle was to take down the very creepy, delapidated shed in the back yard. It has the old well in it with electricity going to it.  The first thing Keith had to do was make sure all the electricity to it was totally disconnected and that took him some time because whoever did it was not an electrician and was quite ‘creative’.

After Keith got all the electricity disconnected he wrapped a big chain around the shed and attached the chain to the truck.  Then, using the truck, we pull it down and drug it into a clearing.  The next day we burned it and it was an impressive fire for a half hour or so.  I took quite a few pictures and am sharing some of those in the sequence and I think they are fairly self-explanatory.


You might think that was enough work but we also did quite a bit of yard work, steam cleaned portions of the living room and den and cleaned out the garage.  Cleaning the garage resulted in a full truck load of trash we took to the dump, another truck load of items we donated to Goodwill, and gave away our old chest-style freezer.  The guy said he was going to bury the freezer and use it as a place to store worms.  Whatever, we’re just glad it is gone.

The top is the before picture of the garage and the bottom is as we left it Sunday.  We still have some sorting of things to do but those can be a rainy day project.


By the time Sunday evening rolled around, we were quite glad to be home to rest.  It feels so good knowing all that work is behind us now.


16|52 Spiced Tea For Me (April 15-21, 2012)

It’s been a full week of drinking lots of spiced tea to try to soothe my throat.  I’m thankful for the recipe and a handy jar of it already prepared.
We have a mourning dove that coos incessantly as he sits atop our chimney.  As this bird walked around our storm shelter, I wondered if it was the noisy one or one he calls.
Keith went to the lake this weekend to paint the front porch and he sent me this photo.  I think it’s looking pretty good.
As for our kids, well, Travis is in Salt Lake City, Utah participating in a DECA event and Kelsey attended her Sigma Kappa formal, called the Violet Ball, last night. I miss them terribly and am happy they are doing fun and memorable things.

15|52 Hold Your Chin Up (April 8-14, 2012)


Purrkins hides in a tight spot of the vehicle’s floor board when we travel. Last Sunday he wedged himself by my camera bag and used the straps to support his head. He’s so funny.

Several of you have already seen this photo so my apologies but it’s the only one I took all week. Hard to believe and I really need to be better at taking the pics.

14|52 Pics of Week 14 (April 1-7, 2012)

A view of the front yard and the complete though not yet painted screened in porch at our lake place.


Purrkins doesn’t like going through the carwash even when he’s inside the vehicle (iPhone pic)
Spring is definitely arriving and our rose bush is full of wonderful smelling roses (iPhone pic).
Waiting for the train to pass…patience is not really one of my virtues (iPhone pic).
A nice view at the Pelican Landing restaurant overlooking Lake Texoma (iPhone pic).
To prepare to paint the concrete floor inside the front porch was quite laborious.  We had to scrape the glue and remaining indoor/outdoor carpeting, then sweep, clean, sweep, and clean.  We so hope this paint holds up well like Sherwin Williams promised.
There you have it!  A few pics from our week.