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Have a seat

Over the years we have purchased several vintage metal lawn chairs and this year Keith has done the TLC that they needed.  First he took them to a place to have them sand blasted, which was totally worth every penny.

Before –photo by Keith

Then he had to repair a few spots and primer them.

Primered. – photo by Keith

Then several coats of 1959 Thunderbird Indian turquoise.

Keith spray painting the chairs

Almost done.

Almost done.


32|2013 A Piece of Cake and More (August 26 – September 1, 2013)

Wednesday evening after work Keith and I drove to our lake place for a 6 day vacation.  Our plans included scanning photos & painting.  Of the 700 photos I did get about 500 of them scanned!  Keith painted the south bedroom, which is the last room in the house with the dark wood paneling.


We love the new look!


Saturday was my birthday and we went to Catfish Platter with some friends and Keith made a delicious peach cobbler.  My Mom made a chocolate cake and I got to eat a piece of cake with my Mom and Dad on Sunday.  It was a weekend of many sweet things.

Sunday afternoon while Keith was out on the lake he loaned a life vest to a woman.  To express her appreciation she invited him to a cookout held annually called The Festival of the Testicle where they serve calf fries, as they are called here in Oklahoma.  Keith was thrilled to get an invitation so we went and met a whole bunch of really nice, friendly folks.


While there Keith got a special t-shirt to remember the event:


24|2013 Over the 4th (July 1 – 7, 2013)

We added a couple of days to our holiday to get 5 days off and my Dad joined us at our lake place.  Keith and some of his friends spent July 4th on the lake while my Dad and I stayed indoors and visited.  Over the remaining days we painted our front porch and replaced a few windows to help increase our energy efficiency.

Keith's pic

Keith’s pic

Last year, while touring Charleston, South Carolina, a tour guide said that it was common practice to paint the porch ceilings a sky blue because it helps keep the wasps away since they think it’s part of the sky and won’t build a nest there.  That is a southern tradition and while I find it hard to fully believe, we like blue and it’s worth a try.  (Interestingly, on the Sherwin-Williams site is a post on “The Whys Behind the Blue Porch Ceiling“)


Now that it’s all painted we love how the colors give a ‘tropical’ feel.  The sky blue color of the ceiling makes it feel so much cooler, cleaner and more open.  It always amazes how much impact fresh paint makes.