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All New

In the past month we’ve had several big and new events in our family.

First.  On August 14 we had a baby shower in anticipation of the arrival of our newest member, my niece.  Notice the 3-D image, it is truly amazing what technology has made available to us.


Second. We bought a Chevy Silverado HD2500 on Saturday September 3 based on what we were told its towing capacity was. Later that day we learned its towing capacity was 9400, much lower than we were informed. So Monday, September 5 we we went back, returned the Chevy and then bought a F250 white diesel with the towing capacity of 15,100. The dealership was good about working with us.  So, I guess you can say that we bought 2 trucks that weekend.  This purchase means we are ready to trade up for a different RV.


Third. On September 7 my brother and sister-in-law welcomed into the world a healthy 6 pound 13 ounce daughter named Madison.  Big brother pictured below quickly stepped into his new role.  This was a truly joyous occasion with everyone healthy and at the same time I felt an emptiness without Mom here to see and hold her granddaughter.   I wore the “All is Well” necklace and Mom’s rings so that parts of her were present with us.


Fourth.  We traded our 2013 Keystone Cougar Xlite 25′ RET travel trailer on September 16 for a fifth wheel.


Fifth.  September 17 I got to hold my 10 day old niece for the first time.  I was an only child for the first 16 years of my life so for many years I thought I’d never get to be an aunt but that all changed several years ago. (I’m wearing a pearl ring that Mom received on her 16th birthday and always wore.)


Sixth.  We picked up our new 2016 Forest River Wildcat 28SGX with our F250 fully adapted to pull a fifth wheel with an Andersen hitch on September 20.



Red Rock

We enjoyed an extended weekend of camping in Red Rock Canyon.  This is the area where Keith’s great grandfather C.E. Garee found the Caddo Maple tree as he explained in his account:

History of Caddo Maple (Acer saccharum – Sugar Maple) Hard Maple About the late twenties I found in some canyons in Caddo County, some acer saccharum (sugar maple) that did not turn brown in August, but held the sap in the leaves so they could turn brilliant red and yellow at the approach of frost. I soon began selling a few of them, but cannot trace any of them now, except one. About the mid-thirties, Howard Jenson and I spent a Saturday in one of the canyons. Howard was head of the O.U. Landscape Dept. While I was getting small seedlings to plant in the nursery for later sale, he spent the day searching out and digging larger trees to plant on the campus. If you want to see any of the 16 trees resulting from that day’s work, drive over the campus on the approach of frost. You will not need to have them pointed out. Every one will show itself.

Recently, Robert Rucker, head of the Landscape Dept. and his foreman, Joe Peters (now deceased) have planted a lot of them and have grown a small nursery of them near the south edge of the grounds.

I have dubbed it “Caddo Maple” to distinguish it from hard maple from any other source, which up to now, have never failed to brown and lose their beauty in August. — C.E. Garee, Ed Garee’s Stories, page 13

Interestingly, the canyon is the only remaining site of native Caddo maple trees.  I think it’s fascinating to retrace the steps of our ancestors.

This canyon area was a stop on the California Road and there are wagon wheel ruts still visible.


We enjoyed visiting a local museum, walking around the canyon, a relaxing campsite and hotdogs cooked on the outdoor grill.


The entrance/exit is quite steep and winding road and our truck did a great job pulling our trailer.


Busy as a bee

On our way back from a quick visit to our lake place we stopped to see how my Dad and step mother are coming along with the workshop.  They’re busy painting the ceiling, walls and floor while just outside the workshop many bees are busy pollinating the pear trees.


2016-03-16 03

Notice the pollen baskets on the bees legs are getting pretty full.

2016-03-16 04


You Ask Y

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken or shared many photos.  Today my dad and I went to a local park and took photos that met the criteria of the theme we chose, which was anything that begins with or looks like the letter Y.  All the typically green grass, plants and trees have more yellow in them than may be typical due to the high number of days we’ve had only short amount of sunshine and record amounts of rain.  I present below a few of mine.







For Posterity

We got to celebrate our kids’ 23rd birthday yesterday.  One of our first activities was brunch at Cafe do Brazil then we went to Kelsey’s for gifts and cake.


Of course, it was a perfect opportunity to capture a few family photos for posterity.  Keith suggested that we all squeeze in on the couch (similar to the cartoon The Simpson’s did).  So we did our version of that.


The timer on my camera allows me time to get in the picture!


Manna from our kitchen

Recently Keith and Travis were discussing the health benefits of manna bread so Keith decided to make some.  I’ve always heard the phrase “manna from Heaven”, which is a reference to the food God gave the Israelites during the Exodus and has become synonymous with a sudden happening that brings good fortune.  Until this weekend I’ve never had manna bread.  It is bread made from a sprouted grain, which uses only the Essene’s technique to make the very simple and healthy bread.

Keith added sunflower seeds to the top of a portion of the bread.  The bread has a sweet taste and the texture reminds me of bran.


‘Tis the Seasoning

While I was helping my Dad move I noticed a couple of cast iron skillets that were quite rusty.


I brought them home knowing that Keith could make them look as good as new.  The first step he does is put them in a very hot oven.  Sometimes this makes the whole house stink and fill up with smoke.


Once they are cool he soaks them in vinegar water then scrubs them with steel wool.


Next step is to season them and heat them again.


Finally, with these, he did a test drive with them before giving them back to my Dad.


A November Weekend

We were in the southeastern portion of Oklahoma near the small town of Bennington with our son, daughter, her boyfriend and his parents and four dogs.  While it was cold outside we felt warmly welcomed and had a great time.


One of many ponds on the property.


Hiking down to the water’s edge.


Picking persimmons.


Kisses for Mazie


Ready to play fetch with a water bottle.

An October Weekend

Saturday we attended the second annual Oktoberfest in Muenster, Texas.


Kelsey wearing a chicken hat




Sunday morning stare


Deep Sleep


Our senior Siamese cat tucks his head in and hides much of his face.  Then he sleeps really deeply and sometimes you have to really shake him to get him to wake up.  It’s actually scary.

I’ve taken several pictures to practice what I’ve been learning in the photography class but they are pretty bad so I have limited choices to share this week.  I can share that I think you should be very thankful that I haven’t taken any photos of my mangled big toenail.  My toenail and a piece of furniture collided this weekend and the furniture won which resulted in my toenail being damaged enough that the doctor went ahead and took the nail off.  It will take about a year to grow back.