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14|2013 All Around (April 28, 2013)

It was a week of fast travel all around.  Sunday I took a flight to Denver and by Tuesday afternoon I was on another plane for Burbank and yet another plane headed back home late by Wednesday night.  While in Denver on April 22 it snowed!

2013-04-22-19.42.05Thankfully, while in Burbank the weather was dryer and warmer, although not gorgeous.

Thursday I met my Dad at McDonald’s where I had my first Frappé Mocha.  Both the drink and the visit were certainly nourishing for my soul.

Getting to the lake Friday evening was a bit more involved than some of our trips.   While Keith was putting Purrkins in the back of the van he unknowingly dropped his wallet in the parking lot of the restaurant. When we stopped for gas many miles down the road he discovered he had no wallet. Thankfully, the restaurant had it. On the way back to get the wallet, a bottle of ammonia in the back of the van spilled on the carpet.  By that time I was ready for that ‘adventure’ to end.

The next day, Keith put up a hand rail on the porch at the lake and we both did several odds and ends of tasks.  Since my Dad was already at Lake Texoma on a fishing trip, he stopped for a brief visit and got to see our place.


Later that day our huge pile of brush was burning nicely and I sat in a lawn chair and enjoyed the wonderful evening breeze.


In case you’re curious about how much wood we have from cutting all those tree limbs down a few weeks ago, here’s a picture of most of it although some of it has already been given away.


Once we got back home Sunday I resumed planning an upcoming genealogy trip with my Mom to North Carolina and Virginia.  More on that next week.


49|52 Comfort (Dec 3-9, 2012)

On a cold winter’s day…


there is absolute comfort in our household.  Just look at that smile.

19|52 One Saturday (May 6-12, 2012)

This weekend we, of course, went to our lake place but this time our daughter, her boyfriend and his dog joined us.  As Texas, the Great Dane, waited on the porch Purrkins starred at him probably wondering what the heck he was.  He is very sweet and very big.
What a look with his ears and eyes totally focused in the direction of some sound just outside the door.
A special treat in the Texoma area is candied pecans or almonds from the Texoma Peanut Inn. The choices are overwhelming. I think my favorite this time was the toffee crunch almonds or maybe it was the praline pecans or maybe it was the..
What would one of our weekends be if we didn’t have a fire?  This time we burned the brush at night and since it had rained it was especially helpful as we had some old cedar branches that burn rapidly. Sparks were flying!

12|52 Outdoors (March 18-24, 2012)

We went to the lake this weekend and Keith burned a couple of the brush piles while our cat enjoyed sitting on his new perch surveying the outdoors safely behind the screen.  For your enjoyment, here are a few of the sights.


7|365 Chillaxin, Purrkins Style (1/11/11)

Purrkins loves the wonderful warmth from our fireplace. With the windchill it was 2 degrees this morning and the high was 28 so it was pretty cold for Oklahoma.  A while after taking this photo I was stoking the fire and a piece of the burning wood popped out of the fireplace onto the carpet.  By the time I could get it back into the fireplace, it left a burn spot in the carpet the size of about 1 1/2 quarters.


I took this with my iphone and then used Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 to select an area to retain the color and have the remaining photo be in black and white.