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4|52 Week 4 (Jan 22-28, 2012)

What happened this week other than the routines of going to work, tidying the house, paying bills and surfin’ the net?

The beer got bottled. The multi-step process requires having lots of clean bottles, bottle caps and other equipment and, in this case took about an hour.  In about a week the beer will be ready to drink.
Our kids moved out of the apartment they’ve been sharing for the past 6 months. Now our garage and my mother-in-law’s is full of boxes and furniture.  As you can see in the pictures, it was an gorgeous January day with the temperatures in the 50’s.


3|52 Week Three (Jan 15-21, 2012)

The highlights of my week photography-wise are that we gave the cat a bath (Keith took the photos) and that I went to Dallas.

Purrkins is so tolerant and even allowed me to blow dry his fur!


Although there are no photos of it, we also had some friends over for fajitas and the guys brewed some beer.  It was a good week.

2|52 Week Two (Jan 8-14, 2012)

To fool myself into thinking I was doing less work, I cleaned the house a little each day.  Sometimes this tricks me, sometimes it doesn’t.  This week it seemed to work since I really did feel like I didn’t do much cleaning.

Monday my brother and sister-in-law received in the mail the handpainted porcelain baby shoes that I ordered for them from Baby Shoe Memories.  One for my 9 year old nephew and the other for my nephew that was stillborn in November.  I think they really like them and that made me feel really good.

Keith was out of town most of the week so each evening I played with streaming some videos on our new blueray DVD player.  This week I watched:

  1. Sherlock Holmes played by Ben Syder — It was listed as being the one with Robert Downey, Jr but it wasn’t.  This has Holmes and Watson solving a mystery involving dinosaurs.  Somehow I watched the entire thing.
  2. Winter Bones – really depressing
  3. The King’s Speech — thought provoking and enjoyable
  4. True Grit, with Jeff Bridges — it was pretty good

Yesterday I finally figured out what cable TV features we could reduce now that we have the streaming ability.  Not much of a monetary savings but every little bit helps.

It’s been a rather mundane week and I really didn’t take many photos but here ya go!


1|52 Week One

My 365 project ended earlier this week so yesterday I began Project 52 for 2012.

We went to our lake place and our son finished putting the screen in our newly framed front porch.  Meanwhile our cat worked at consistently positioning himself at a midpoint between where we all were at any given time.


365|365 Pulling The Plug (1/4/12)

My project of taking and posting a photo a day for three hundred sixty five consecutive days is finished with this post!  The project has been fun, educational, irritating and some days a burden.  I suppose you could use those same words to describe many things in our lives.  It was a good project to do and now I’m pulling the plug on it.

So you may wonder, what’s next?  I may try the Project 52 version. We’ll see. Tomorrow, I will enjoy the feeling of not having to take a photo.


364|365 Body Language (1/3/12)

It may be that both the cat and my husband are really ready for me to stop taking their pictures.


Keith’s threatening to fling some yogurt at me if I don’t stop taking pictures of him (all in good fun of course).  Then there’s the cat who’s making sure I see his one extremely long and sharp claw and that I realize he knows how to use it to his advantage.


363|365 It’s In the Bag (1/2/12)

We still have quite a bit of candy left over from the holidays.  These M&M’s are in a ziplock bag and when I flattened it on the counter I liked the way the colors and arrangement looked so I took a picture.


362|365 New Year’s Day Superstition (1/1/12)


Growing up we always had black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day and I didn’t like them.  January, 1984, when I was 23 years old, I openly declared that I thought it was a ridiculous superstition and I didn’t eat any black-eyed peas that day.

That year, my parents divorced, after 24 years of marriage.  I now eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day.  Always.

I’ve had other bad things happen to me since then but really black-eyed peas don’t taste that awful so I have one or two peas, just in case.

Over the past few years we’ve tried different recipes and sometimes I like it well enough to eat a spoonful or two of black-eyed peas.  Today, I gathered up the various types of dried beans we had, which were pinto, great northern, lima and black-eyed peas. Then, I added ham and made soup.  It was pretty good so I had quite a few spoonfuls that included several black-eyed peas.