Mother’s Day weekend

For the second weekend in a row we went camping near Stillwater but this time we stayed at Lake Carl Blackwell, which was quite pretty.  My mother’s day weekend included time with my kids, receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers and special dark chocolate candy.  My daughter and I worked on her flowerbed, it’s her first one ever.


That evening we had a nice meal and played dominoes as we watched the sunset.



photo by Keith


Breezy and Cool

For our first away from home camping in our RV we went to Lake McMurtry, which is near Stillwater where our daughter lives.  2016-04-30-10

We had a very shady campsite and Saturday, Keith and I enjoyed basking in the sun with a gentle cool breeze.


On our drive into town there we several turkeys and I managed to snap a pic of one darting across the road.


Note: The same day we bought our RV my brother and sister-in-law shared that they are expecting a baby girl in September!

It’s a Cougar

Over the past few years we’ve been toying with the idea of getting an RV.  We borrowed my step-father’s motor coach after Thanksgiving 2013 and enjoyed a few days of RV camping.  This past fall we rented a 25′ RV for two weeks to sightsee and experience a different type of RV.

In March we went to the RV show at the fairgrounds and learned a lot.  We’ve done a bit of RV shopping for new & used and over the past several months Keith’s been researching and asking lots of questions of others who have an RV.  Then last weekend we rented a bumper pull type trailer to try yet another type of RV.

Now that we sold our boat and have been doing lots of researching we are ready to get serious about purchasing an RV.  Yesterday morning Keith noticed that there was an RV for sell that seemed pretty close to all the features and price we are looking for so we made a small road trip to Enid to see it. We looked the RV over pretty thoroughly then decided to sit down and discuss it over a nice cup of coffee at a local cafe.


We loved the coffee and decided we love the RV.  We agreed upon a price and will pick it up later this week.


Sitting behind our truck, here’s the 2013 Keystone Cougar Xlite 25′ RET that will soon join our family.

Weekend rental

We rented a bumper pull trailer to test out our truck’s limit to tow and did a bit of sightseeing at Lake Ouachita, Arkansas.


We arrived late on the first evening and didn’t have a site that had full hookups so the next day we moved to a different site. The lake was steps away at both sites.


My favorite camera lens stopped working properly right after I took this photo so the rest of my photos for the weekend were taken at a ridiculously high ISO or with my cell phone.  Guess I’ll need to see if it can be repaired or buy a replacement lens.


Along the drive to our second campsite was this old railroad track.


Our journey this weekend had some interesting twists and turns that overall helped us feel more comfortable about a decision to purchase a trailer.  Who knows what’s around the corner for us!

Finials on the Fence

With such beautiful weather Keith was eager to work outside. The result is an updated look to our fence, no doubt some soreness along with a bit of sunburn on the back of his legs.  The finials certainly add a nice finishing touch!2016-04-03-update-fence

On another note, we sold our deck boat this week.  After owning it for 14 years and enjoying good times on the lake we’re ending that chapter and considering RV ownership.

City Farm

A few times a week Keith has been helping a friend by feeding his farm animals while he recuperates.  I accompanied him this weekend and the place is just on the edge of town so you get a feeling of being in the country but your not really.  Since I didn’t grow up with farm animals it was interesting to watch. 2016-04-02-18Standing in the food bowl makes a statement.

2016-04-02-15There are about 14 chickens and each day there are 4-7 eggs.

2016-04-02-23The cows get a little extra for their diet.

2016-04-02-35After dinner the cows watch me and pose for me.

2016-04-02-36The chickens were thirsty after eating so they went to the pond.

2016-04-02-37This one reminds me of a cartoon character.  “I say, I say…son.”

Easter weekend at a Pond


2016-03-26-37Simple, natural beauty surrounded us at the private pond where my Dad, step mother and our families spent the afternoon together.



Wayne and Camellia


Keith fishing…err napping


My nephew riding his bike


As the afternoon was ending this eastern meadowlark (I think it is) sang to us.

Spring is in the air

The wall hanging caught my eye with the stripes in the letters that were the result of the shadows.  I found myself focused on the short phrase “and be” that is a small part of the wall hanging.  Most often I ask myself what to be, when to be, how to be or why to be yet this morning the shadows directed me to the phrase and be.  Never mind the questions of what, when, how or why of being rather focus on adding to being, that is and be.


As Keith was gazing out a window at our lake place he observed an adult male yellow-bellied sapsucker woodpecker in a nearby tree and told me to come watch.  I was able to get a couple of photos of the bird hunting for just the right spots to drill holes in the tree and wait for sap to seep out.


You can see his red head and throat and his chest has a bit of yellow on it.


In the photo below his head is blurry due to his drilling action in making the sapwells.  Can you imagine the knocking sound it makes?


It’s officially spring with beautiful sunshiny days, birds playing and lots of wind.


As I drove home I was intrigued by the 50 or so wind turbines in the Arbuckle Wind Farm that are busy capturing the kinetic energy of wind and converting it to electricity.  This product of electricity then is exported to Nebraska.  It boggles my mind.

Busy as a bee

On our way back from a quick visit to our lake place we stopped to see how my Dad and step mother are coming along with the workshop.  They’re busy painting the ceiling, walls and floor while just outside the workshop many bees are busy pollinating the pear trees.


2016-03-16 03

Notice the pollen baskets on the bees legs are getting pretty full.

2016-03-16 04


Purrs that signal


Our dear Purrkins’ burial spot

A few days after Purrkins, our 18 year old Siamese cat, died we received a condolence card from the veterinary clinic that included the following poem:

Saying Goodbye

Gentle eyes that see so much,
paws that have the quiet touch,
Purrs to signal “all is well”
and show more love than words could tell.
Graceful movements touched with pride,
a calming presence by our side.
A friendship that takes time to grow,
Small wonder why we love them so.

There it is again, my Mom’s voice reminding me that all is well.

(see my All is Well post for the back story).