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5|52 Birthdays Galore (Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2012)

We celebrated our kids’ 20th birthday on Tuesday! The kids came over and we went out to Jamil’s Steakhouse for a delicious dinner and then came home.  I made the requested Hello Dolly bars and we put candles on top for Travis and Kelsey to make their wishes.


Yesterday I attended another birthday celebration for a cousin who will soon turn 9 years old! I got to take a few photos of her and her brother.


Sometimes I take photos with my iPhone and don’t publish them here or on Facebook so for those who don’t have or are unable to use you can also follow my instagram photos on the web:

352|365 Holiday Fun (12/22/11)

We got to play dirty Santa again tonight and Keith and I made good with lots of chocolate plus I got some peppermint Schnapps that I plan on putting into a cup of hot cocoa soon.  Stacy managed to keep his gift that included a redneck wine glass, which is a Ball canning jar on top of a glass candlestick.  Keith said he wants to buy a set for our lake place.


It’s late, I’m tired and we had a good time at the Holiday Fun Christmas party.

346|365 Copy That (12/16/11)

We had a nice steak dinner at Keith’s work Christmas party at Remington Park, which is a horse race track & casino here in Oklahoma City.  Games included dirty Santa, name that Christmas song, and impersonate a co-worker.  Even though half of the 60 guests had no clue who was being impersonated, we all enjoyed it. Tonights picture is of the winning impersonator in action.


249|365 It’s a Wrap (9/10/11)


The fajitas wrapped up with the meat, guacamole, cheese, salsa and more were delicious.  We went to a pool party this evening and, even though the outside temperature was cooler than we might have anticipated for this time of year, the heated pool made the water feel very nice. I took quite a few photos of the moon and then I practiced using different settings on my camera with just the light from the pool and a tv.  We had good food and laughs.

While we were at the party, Travis was at our house watching and playing with Aaron, his cousin, who is spending the night with us.  Tomorrow Aaron will have his 5th swimming lesson in 3 days and he’s loving it.  He told me he learned how to swim under water today and can hold his breath for 11 seconds!

234|365 Banana Clip (8/26/11)

Tonight Keith and I are going to a 1980’s themed 40th birthday party.  After scouring my closet and cabinets, I finally settled on attempting to make my hair ‘big’. Normally, that wouldn’t be any problem but recently I’ve started having a Keratin treatment on my frizzy, curly hair.  Consequently, my hair is pretty tame these days although those sneaky gray hairs are stubbon despite the hair coloring.  Since I couldn’t get my hair ‘big’ enough, I opted to use one of the two banana clips I found in my cabinet.  I loved wearing those in the 80’s with a big hair clip at the top that had a fun design or a big bow.  All my big bow clips are long gone but I did find a cowboy clip.

Here’s my look for the evening.


228|365 Exciting Times (8/20/11)

Today was another full day at the lake with friends. We woke up early, had a nice breakfast of biscuits and gravy and then we hit the water. We spent the better part of the day on the water then had a rest before dinner, which was grilled burgers and sausage. I think the photo for today shows perfectly the fun not only this daughter and father had but all of us.

After dinner we went to a bar at the top of Tanglewood tower where the view was really beautiful especially as the sun was setting. By the time it was totally dark, Keith and I headed across the lake back to our place at Buncombe. The water was so smooth it was almost like hovering rather than boating. It was so dark, however, that driving took a lot of concentration. You never know if there might be a boat with it’s lights off or who knows what other surprises.

179|365 Big Splashes (7/2/11)

Keith’s work has had a couple of company parties in the last year, one at Christmas and one tonight.  This one was at the company owner’s home with dinner catered from Ted’s Cafe Escondido, swimming in his pool, a pool-side bar serving margaritas and fireworks just across the alley.  During the evening, they had a cannonball contest, the expressions captured in my photo of the day leave little doubt which contestant was the winner of that contest.


There was a good turnout of employees and their families and the setup by the pool was very nicely done with shade, misters and fans so we could all enjoy being outside in the 100+ temperature.  Once the sun went down, the temperature was perfect for sitting on the lawn to enjoy the fireworks.

More photos from the evening: July 2, 2011 on flickr

165|365 Moments In Time (6/18/11)

We spent the day on the lake dragging a group of folks around on a ski biscuit and skiis.  It was a great opportunity to play with my camera as well as with Keith’s.  Now, it’s late and I’m too tired to choose only one photo, so here are two.

Kelsey and Sam, a friend’s son, with others in our group on the ski biscuit in the background.


The fun of using two ski biscuits at the same time is that they collide!


122|365 Move It (5/6/11)

After thinking about it for several weeks, today I bought an Xbox 360 bundled with Kinect Adventures.  I played with it this afternoon in the garage but since the TV is off center I just didn’t seem to have good space there so this evening Keith helped me get it set up in the living room.  He watched me play it for a while, then he played some.  It’s fun!


I tried to take some photos but never quite got the hang of it since there’s a lot of movement and we were in low lighting.  Certainly, it captures that there’s lots of movement when you play.  The Xbox actually captures photos but I don’t have a clue yet how to grab them into my Mac.

26|365 A Can Can Do (1/30/11)

Our kids’ 19th birthday is tomorrow and they came home from college today for a few hours.  Keith bought both of them a can of Fiesta Silly String and they had a few minutes of fun chasing one another in the front yard.


While this photo isn’t very clear, I think it captures the fun and it makes me smile.