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28|2013 All The Excitement (July 29 – August 4, 2013)

Thursday Keith cooked chicken fried steak and we had a nice dinner with our both of our kids.  Travis started the question at the table “what was your rose and thorn today?”  That was a routine Keith started years ago when we would sit at the table and note what good thing and not so good thing happened during our day.  Of course most of us agreed that the rose was being together.

After dinner Kelsey and I visited and she snuggled with Purrkins.


Travis and Keith shopped for a car this week since Travis’ car has  a number of problems that have become too great to deal with any more, such as no a/c and the electric windows don’t work.   By Saturday afternoon, Travis was the new owner of a Mazda3, manual transmission like he wanted.   Today Travis pretty much finished moving in to his new home with some buddies.


Our kids, I love them so!